Sunday, January 31, 2010

I LOVE Cranberry Orange Muffins

As I mentioned many moons ago, my family and I are HUGE fans of sports. And when it is that in between when football is about to finish and basketball is midway done there is a lot of overlapping. So needless to say that we have had TONS of get togethers revolving around sports. Usually each of us bring a dish to share. Translation: run to the nearest store and buy, buy, buy. Since yesterday's was last minute we all decided to buy something to bring. We headed over to our Super Target to get our food. I was in charge of dessert. Target makes delicious cakes. I am not at all a buttercream fan but Target makes a yummy kind. Wasn't in a cake mood so I wandered over to their donut and sweet bread display. The Target Lady said she was about to take it all out so whatever we could fit in a box she would mark down for $2.29. YAY! My sister and I jam-packed 2 boxes of delicious sweets. And luckily, there were 3 huge cranberry orange muffins just for me!!!! Don't worry...I haven't all 3. I'm going take my time so I can make them last.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Another year older. At what point can I still keep celebrating and having birthdays but not saying I'm getting older? I suppose that 's wishful thinking...