Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Day

Today is the last day of the year. For me it was a huge year. It was full of new experiences, great challenges, and lots of love. I can't really say there is one favorite moment or memory of the year instead many that I want to remember. However, buying my very first house is at the top of that list. What is your top memory or moment of 2009?

Hope everyone has a save and Happy New Year!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Yes, it's me. I wanted to wish everyone happy holidays. Hope to be back in the groove of things in 2010.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today I got to drive through snow-covered mountains. When you live in the desert, snow in October is a HUGE deal!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seriously, I wanted to cry :(

I've mentioned how I have a 45 minute drive to school. On the way I occassionaly stop to get a Starbucks coffee. Yesterday as I turned into the parking lot I looked over at the Lowe's that is also in the same lot. They have a huge set of windows that were wonderfully decorated with numerous Christmas trees. It's like those Lowe's windows were built just for that. And for a few seconds I honestly thought I was going to cry. The feelings surprised me because yes, I LOVE Christmas but not so much I cry over it. Maybe the thought of having my very own house and being able to decorate it took over. But I seriously almost cried.

It's Looking Really Good

A new season brings new players and new hope. I have to say that I am super impressed with the Spurs team this season. I think our odds are good. Spurs win tonight...113 to 96! And who was the talk of the night? None other than my man, my babe, Mr. Amazing....MANU GINOBILI!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are You Ready For This?

Da run, da run, da....Okay well I can't exactly write the Spurs song but it's that time again!!!! Tomorrow is the first game of the new season. And to my great surprise, Jen alerted me that as part of our Say No to Drugs pledge at school, we can wear jeans and our team shirts. What luck! And the best part is that Manu Ginobili is back and healthy. So shout it with me...

Go Spurs Go!!!!!

Hmmm. Well unless you follow another team. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

OMG, What Happened to October?

I can hardly believe that my last post was nearly one month ago. I can't say that much has changed. Work is still tons busier and harder this year, I'm still enjoying breaking in my new house, and still being babied by Matt.

I can't believe that I even forgot to post on my godson's birthday on Friday, October 23rd. Crazy Horacio (as I call him) turned 2. He's absolutely adorable but also extremely mischievous. Think terrible two's 6 months early. Gotta love him.

Halloween is fast approaching. And with that comes Thanksgiving then Christmas. OMG I am so excited to decorate for that.

So I hope to be on more often but I can't promise. And I will visit y'all very soon also.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

See Ya Later September, What's Up October!

I had a similar post last year. I wrote all the things I was looking forward to in October. All I can say is that I love October because it brings me closer to November and December. And I've happily put up my Fall decorations in my brand new house that belongs to me. I have to say it's the best feeling in the world!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My World

I have to admit that I can't complain about my world. Currently my boyfriend is cooking lunch for me while I lazily sit on the couch watching Sunday football. It's a dream come true! :)

He did quickly inform me that dinner is up to me. :(

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Elbow Sneeze

I always teach my kids to elbow sneeze. Actually, I hassle adults and nieces and nephews to do it too. Check out the link below.

Yucky, yucky!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Only Reason

ONLY reason I almost watched the MTV Movie Awards yesterday....

YUMMY!!! Can't wait!

Oh wow, I didn't realize that Eclipse comes out on June 30, 2010!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Side Business...Possibly

I'm thinking of putting my arts and craft talent skills attempts to good use. Back at my old school I used to make jewelry and sell it. I did pretty good. I made cute, inexpensive bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Sometimes people requested things, and sometimes they bought from my stash. I've thought about expanding and using more expensive and finer beads to create more elegant pieces.

Then there is also my second business endeavor of making greeting cards and invitations. I love, love, love to do this. I love to see people's faces when I make them a card. I love to sit and plan with people on the specifics of their invitations. I love color schemes and patterns and...ribbon, glitter, buttons, stickers. I love all of it. I will admit that I have yet to actually be paid for making invitations, but I have gotten paid for making a baby shower card.

In seriously considering this I run into a few dilemmas. When I make jewelry and cards I let the piece take me where it wants. I have to be inspired. And typically I'm making it with someone in mind so it sort of takes a shape of it's own. Making random pieces and cards will not come easy for me. Then the other problem is charging friends for things I made. I know that I need not to devalue the hard work I put into this but I don't want to seem money hungry. Yet, I am interested in making some profit. And it's quite time consuming to make a card and jewelry.

So...for any of you out there who may have already been there and done that I would appreciate your guidance, advice and tips tremendously. Or perhaps you can point me in the direction of someone. If you prefer to email me let me know and I will gladly correspond like that.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Sorry Bonnie for taking your word. Where have I been this week, you may ask? Not at work! This short, four day week I managed to make it to work half a day. You heard me right! .5 of one work week. How sad.

Picture this...
Patty wakes up Saturday morning refreshed and happy. It's a 3 day weekend. Also, the night before she was out with her friends at a bar having a great time. She even karaoked!!! After getting the laundry started and cleaning up a bit it happens...that tired feeling out of nowhere. Patty tries ignore it continuing her weekend chores. But then it becomes too much and she MUST.TAKE.A.NAP. After her lovely siesta Patty wakes up achy and with the chills (and not the cool Grease kind). And sadly, two hours or so later her throat begins to feel bad.
Naturally, Patty knows that every September she gets sick so she is prepared and takes her usual doses of medicine and continues her chores. BUT...later that night her body is so hot but she is so cold. She showers and calls it a night, taking a last dose of her meds. Somewhere in the middle of the night her fever breaks and she starts sweating up a storm. YUCK!!! Sunday comes and she wakes early to get ready for church. The only thought in Patty's mind is to get ready so she can drive 30 minutes to her mom's house for coffee before church. Why? Patty's throat hurts more than it ever has in her life.
Fast forward to Tuesday...
Patty does not go in to work. She goes to see the school district's nurse practitioner. Ms. Nurse doesn't want to call it strep throat but gives Patty antibiotics to treat strep throat. Patty misses school on Wednesday too. Fever and throat are still bad and Patty is a good teacher so she doesn't want to get her kids sick. Patty goes to work on Thursday morning but can't make it through the day. A visit to Ms. Nurse again and Patty has better pain meds for her throat.
Prepared to brave work on Friday, Patty heads to sleep at about 9. She thinks, "One day of work isn't so bad. I have a training in the morning so it's just really the afternoon." Or so she thought. At about 10 Patty wakes up to go potty and feels that her left eye is wet and sticky. "HUH!?! Oh %#@*!!! NOT PINK EYE!!!!!!" Indeed it is pink eye. So for the third time in 4 days Patty goes to Ms. Nurse for medicine. Needless to say that Patty was ordered to go home. No training today.

And that is the story of my .5 day work week. What my principal must be thinking...Luckily, I have an amazing grade level, literacy coach (Jen) and had a great sub.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Ponder Endlessly

I was on Facebook catching up with friends when I linked over to my friend's new blog. I am so excited and proud that she has decided to tackle the giant task of training for a marathon. What I'm most impressed with is that she by no means is your "marathon usual" person. She, like so many of us, is not in the best physical shape. And somehow I believe she will do exactly what she sets out to do.

And so now I am lost in thought at how hard it is for me to get motivated in losing weight. I know that for those of you that have read my blog for a while you know how I've tried over,and over to beat the obesity demon but just can't. And so I asked myself what is the difference between those that succeed and those that do not? What did they do that the others did not? I know for me I've realized that I make justifications excuses that lead to my failure. Everything from how ex
pensive eating healthy is to lack of support. Oh and not to mention that being a teacher doesn't help. Often we are "buttered" up with sweets and mountains of sugary, sweet things.

And to be honest, I'm not sure what my purpose in writing this post was. Was it for input? Was it to just put down on paper, err on the internet, a more solid plan? Or was it just to clear my head? In the end, I think God will unveil his plan for me. Yet as I'm about ready to to publish this post I've had one last thought. I know that I can be healthier, and I know that I want to live longer, but is it also possible that I am happy exactly the way I am? And maybe, just maybe that was God's plan all along.

Dear God,
I know that I've had many such conversations with you about what my place is in this world. I wonder if I'm really doing what you set out for me to do. And now I'm adding one more question. In a world where most people are so health conscious, is it possible to just be happy even though I know I am unhealthy? Is that part of your plan too?
Terribly confused,

I'm sorry to those who may be offended that I just publicly posted my letter to God.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Ewww. Yucky!

I know they are supposed to make you feel better but I hate, hate, hate going to the doctors. Funny how one bit of news has such a tremendous effect on your life. Sadly, I don't think I'll be done with doctors for a while. So right now I'm feeling so ewww and very much yucky.

Today was a busy and hectic and honestly a bit overwhelming. Have to say life won't be the same anymore. And for the first time it hit me that when I got home I had someone to share it with.

Monday, August 24, 2009

OMG, I Found Someone Like Me!!!!!!

I have a new follower. Her name is Teresa and her blog is Teresa's Treasures. I am so excited that she found me because I finally found someone that is as passionate about Christmas decorating as me. Well, I think Teresa is more passionate but I'm a near second. Instead of writing about my first day of school I feel the need to give her a shout out.

First I want to thank Teresa for the compliment on my blog design. However, the genius behind it is my good friend Jen. She has her own blog design blog with many helpful tips that I'm always too scared to try so Jen helps me.

Currently, Teresa is having a giveaway on her blog. Although it would be awesome to win I wanted to direct y'all to her blog because she shares the same obsession love for Christmas decorating. Just to give you a small summary of my obsession love I'll share a few things.
  • If I could live in "Christmas Town" forever I would.
  • When I lived in San Antonio I would put my decor up early November because we had the entire week off for Thanksgiving and I went home for that. I HAD to have my tree up when I got back because that's traditionally when you put it up.
  • The decor came back down mid January. My birthday is on the 17th and I always had parties so I HAD to take it down.
  • At one point I thought about leaving it up year round and decorate it according to the current holiday.
  • Every time I moved or last May when I was looking for a house to buy I can only get a place with a "Christmas tree window".
  • I have 3 different dressings for my tree. I must have a theme every year.
Well those are just a few. I could keep going. And if I could do Teresa's job I so would. Although I'd totally be a beginner.

So please hop on over and check out Teresa's blog.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Day Jitters

I kid, I kid. For those of you teachers you know that First Day Jitters is a book that many teachers read to their students on the first day of school. Summary: someone has the jitters about going to school. I don't want to ruin it so go out and read it.
I can't say I have any jitters. Matt was asking if I was nervous about the first day of school tomorrow and I honestly said I wasn't. I think a large part has to do with already meeting most children and parents. Our school holds an annual Meet the Teacher where kids get to see their classroom and meet their teachers. I have to say that this is a HUGE relief on both students and teachers. Because of this, the first day of school runs a little smoother.
About last week...IT.KICKED.MY.ASS. Everyday I was so tired. Matt was great! Cooking dinner and washing dishes. Not demanding a lot from me. I was in bed by 9 everyday and on Friday I was in bed by 6:45. YES!!!! You heard me right! 6:45! Needless to say that the next day I was up at 6:45 and well rested. I was also dealing with some car issues which I think weighed me down a bit more than usual. And I now have a 45 minute drive each way instead of my usual 30. So it's safe to say that many factors contributed to my ass kicking.
Even though I vowed not to I gave into the back to school shopping bug. Texas had it's annual tax-free weekend and I took full advantage. I have a stylish new wardrobe. Some more professional looks we in order. Honestly, I don't know what kind of bug bit me.
With that I have to bid everyone a farewell. It's 8:33 here and I am pooped. School's internet is down so I can't do lesson plans. Boo hoo! I was so looking forward to that.

Best wishes for a happy and great new school year!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

You Be The Judge

Ok guys, here are the pictures of my centerpieces for my cousin's wedding. Be gentle. Remember it's my first time. But...according to her I may be getting some calls for flowers. She seems to think it may be a good side business which is exactly why I bought a house with a room I could convert into my craft room. Why not make a little money for doing the arts and crafts I love?

I ended up making all 12 vases. I started at about 6:00 and finished at about 1:30 in the morning. Now I see why florists charge so much. Not that I have a right to call myself a florist.

So Back

This is my first full week back at work. I'm already so tired. This morning I didn't set my alarm right so I woke up at 7 got reading in 15 and was on my way on my 45 minute drive to work. Now I have the amazing task of setting up my classroom. I'll tell you all more about my day tonight as well as post pictures of my flowers from the wedding.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Dearest Jen,
I hope you have a great birthday today. Too bad we go back to work today. Thanks for being a great friend and for putting up with my not so great moods.
God bless and we'll celebrate soon!

Picture to be posted soon. I have the perfect one on my school computer...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This Saturday marks my second summer wedding in three weeks. The first was fun. It was out of town and my family and I had a blast. The second wedding will be here in town and a very small affair. My cousin will be marrying her husband through the church and after she will have a small reception.

I suppose this is the part where I rave and rant about myself and how I am so crafty. I make my own jewelry, invitations (sometimes for other people), cards, scrapbooks, baking and now you can add florist. Yes that's right! Some how I went from providing input on what kind of flowers my cousin should have at her wedding as centerpieces to MAKING the centerpieces. And the thing that gets me is that she never asked me. It was all insinuated. I wouldn't have minded doing it at all. But she never really officially asked me.

As a result, I've created a fictitious wedding between Nina Garcia and Gino Emanuel over at the (I apologize if you are reading this and are an employee of The Knot. I love your website but thought it was unfair that you can only join if you are getting married.) How did I come up with those names? Nina is the nickname in Spanish for godmother and Garcia is my last name. Gino is for MANU GINOBILI and Emanuel is Manu's real name. (Manu is a nickname for Emanuel.) Note: I am obsessed with the San Antonio Spurs and in love with Manu Ginobili in case you didn't know. So there you have it...a fake bride and groom. I did it to get inspiration on how to approach my cousin's centerpieces. I have a general idea and started on prototypes yesterday. Well just the vases. Not the actual flowers because those are fresh flowers and I won't get them till Friday.

I've had a small panicking voice in my head since then. My cousin is very...particular and I fear her opinion on this. I mean come's her wedding and I don't want to ruin it. She's been sweet telling me she has complete confidence in my judgement. In fact yesterday she used the words "creative genius". O.M.G. what pressure!!!! So I will do my best. No, I will try 150% because I want her to be happy. I'll take pictures for sure and post them. Y'all will be the judge.

YET, I can't help but wonder (paging Carrie Bradshaw...), if I do pull this off I guess I'll have something else to add to my creative portfolio. Flowers by Patty.'ll have to be more creative than that!

Welcome New Friends

This week I came out of my funk and rejoined the blogging world. I guess you can say I was in hibernation. Well I'm wide awake and back to posting, reading blogs, and commenting. I've began to follow many new and fun blogs. I've also come across many of new ones thanks to the SITS blog. What can I say? I have such a great feeling!

Here are a few new blogs I've come to love. Please check them out!
I have come across some other awesome blogs. I wish I could mention them all. I love becoming a fellow follower of a blog. It makes me feel like I am a friend coming along on everyone's life journey.

Happy Reading!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Last Days

So here I am enjoying the last days of my summer vacation. This summer I'm a bit sad about summer vacation coming to an end. I know what you're thinking: "Duh, Patty! You're sad because you have to go back to work." Although this is true there is a different sadness to it that I can't quite put my finger on. (Wait, did I say that right, Jen? You know how I get my sayings all mixed up.) I've narrowed it down to a few possible reasons. Maybe if I ramble about my thoughts one of you can pin point it for me. Sort of like free therapy!

This summer I moved into my new house. (Yes, yes, I know I haven't posted pictures. So sorry. Will get those up soon...guess I better take them first!) I've officially lived here for a little over 2 months. A few of you were on the emotional journey with me of trying to find the perfect house for me. Now that I'm all moved in I feel like I'm leaving my child behind whenever I leave it. Then there is the addition of my boyfriend living here to add. I have to say that I've definitely had to adjust to that but things are going good.

Moving to my new house also brought me closer distance wise to my sisters. They both live out where I do and I've become closer to both. I spent so much time with my older sister and her boys. Have to say that right now I'm going through withdrawals because the boys have already started school, and my sister and I are both teachers so we start soon. My other sister and I talk on the phone more often. She's a crazy gal and cracks me up.

This summer I got the calling. I am FINALLY ready to leave the classroom. In 2005 I graduated with my educational leadership degree and passed my certification test to become a principal. Of course you have to be an assistant principal first but I hadn't heard the calling. And I felt like I needed to be an exceptional teacher myself before I could lead teachers to be the best they could be. Well this summer at a leadership conference I sat among assistant principals, principals and counselors. We held conversations and I have to say that I could hold my own. I was knowledgeable and had great input. Although I heard the calling too late and didn't apply for any assistant principal positions, I have applied for a couple of literacy coach positions available at some schools including my school. The thought of leaving the classroom deeply saddens me. But I have a passion and love for curriculum and feel that by helping teachers I'm still helping the students. I have to say that not being a classroom teacher feels like part of my identity is being taken from me. Also, if I were offered that position at another school then I would leave behind all the great people I met when I moved back home.

I will admit that there are some definite ups to going back to work. I do love my job. And if it is God's will for me to remain in the classroom then that is what will happen. I will gladly remain in the classroom. I have many things to be thankful for. A family I actually want to spend time with and miss, a job in a time when things can be uncertain, a boyfriend that loves me unconditionally, and now my very own house. I guess this was the summer of all summers and I'm sad to see it go.

Opps I forgot!!!
I have a fear...that this year will not compare to last year. I had the perfect class, with the perfect teaching situation with my co-teacher, the perfect student intern, perfect parents and perfect co-workers. Last year Jen and I carpooled and we had a blast. I'm sad to let all of that go and to be disappointed this year. So I guess I'm sad and afraid. Great!!!! Now it's two emotions. I'm a mess! :)

Friday, August 7, 2009


How many of you watch the show Ruby? It comes on Style Network. When I watch the show I have mixed feelings and reactions. At first I refused to watch Ruby because I felt that by doing so I was joining in on exploiting her during her weight-loss journey. I honestly thought that people would just make fun of her and I didn't want to be a part of that. However, I've caught a few episodes and I have to say that I love Ruby. I love the show and I love her. I wish I had her courage to face things like she does. And let me tell y'all that all too many times I've related with her.
Those of you that don't read my blog or follow it I've faced weight problems all of my life. And there are things that Ruby says that really hit home. So if y'all haven't seen Ruby I highly recommend you watch it. She truly is inspiring and not to mention funny.

Jen's Teacher Swap

My good friend Jen is having her first ever Back to School Teacher Swap. I think this is a grand idea. I can't say that I ever do any particular year after year. I let the way I feel that year lead the way and guide what I do. This year I have to say that I'm still not in the mindset of a new school year. That's code word for "I'm still very lazy and my brain is still on vacation". I do have a book I love to read to my class, regardless of what grade and see what kind of a conversation we have. Before I share the book and activity I should first mention that I am currently a second grade teacher. I have also taught both third and fifth grades. I teach in Texas and have so all 8 years. I love something about every particular grade I've taught. However, teaching second grade is nice because I don't have the stress of the TAKS Test.

Now that I've gotten my background out of the way the book I love to read is The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane DeRolfe. Essentially the book is about a girl taking home a box of crayons that don't get along. Red hates yellow or something like that. But the girl goes on to show them that they need each other to create a beautiful picture. After reading the book I discuss the meaning of the book. I ask my class why they think I'm reading it. We talk about possible reasons we might face conflict throughout the year and what we can do to resolve it. Everyday of the first week of school we have several citizenship discussions. At some point I also want to point out that everyone in our class is important to the family. That no two people are alike and that it's our differences that make us so unique. During the week I may read other books that follow this same topic. My final activity for this book is creating a class social contract. I don't do this too soon because students need to feel a sense of ownership in the classroom. For the class social contract we brainstorm different words and phrases on how we want to be treated and to treat others. Then I use their words to create a paragraph that states how we will act, react, and resolve problems. At the bottom we all sign it. A social contract is not to be confused with your class rulles, consequences and rewards, which are non-negotiable. A social contract is more of a student/teacher buy-in on how we socially interact and deal with conflicts. And anytime a student (or teacher) strays from our contract we remind ourselves of what we promised.

On a side note, I've seen this same book used to teach about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream. I hope I've made sense and that this activity or at least this book is something you can use in your classroom.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hmmm...Six Word Saturday

I was over at Rebecca Jo's blog and I noticed she did Six Word Saturday. I've always wanted to join in on these but never do. Not because I don't want to but because I forget and am too late. So here is my attempt.

Waiting for Matt to come home.

Yup, this girl that prided herself on being independent is missing her boyfriend who has been gone for a few hours. Never thought I'd think it much less say it. Day 11 of living together.

Happy August and OMG...300 posts!!!

I can't believe it's already August. Sad news: I go back to work in about 2 weeks. Happy news: this post marks my 300th post. Woo hoo! It's been fun. Although I haven't really posted in a while and it seems like I may not do it very often, I have to say that I love to blog. So Happy August to all of you.

And...since it is my 300th post I want to tell y'all 300 things about me. HAHAHA! Yeah right! I wouldn't do that to y'all. But here are some random things I'd like to share.
  • Matt is all moved in. It's a major adjustment for us. Well, he's doing better than I am. He's such a good guy. He's good to me and with me. If that makes sense.
  • Summer is almost over. Or I should say summer vacation is almost over. It's been a memorable one for me.
  • I am officially addicted to the Disney Channel. I love Wizards of Waverly Place. Too funny!
  • Nothing excites me more than the rush of buying new school supplies. Today I bought my new calendar for the year. I.AM.SO.EXCITED.!. I'm using my coordinating pens to write all over my calendar.
  • I'm a little nervous about the new school year and new crop of kids. When you've had THE.BEST.YEAR.EVER. how can anything compare? It'll be hard to top last year.
  • Thoughts of applying for new positions are finally dancing in my head. After 4 years of having my degree and certification in Educational Leadership I finally know I can do it.
  • I think I broke my laptop. Well sort of...
  • What is everyone having for dinner? I'm super hungry.
  • Again, watching TV in High Definition is the greatest.
  • First NFL preseason game: August 9th. OMG!!!!
Have a great August everyone. I hope to be on more often and to visit your blog soon!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Made It

We made it!!! We are home and so far so good.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two Wholes Equal ... Two?

Tomorrow I head out to San Antonio. Then on Tuesday I go to Austin to help Matt move here. I have to admit that I am SO nervous about being part of a couple. For those of you that have followed Matt and I's story from the beginning know that we have been involved in a long distance relationship for about 7 months. We haven't spent a whole lot of time together but I love him nonetheless.
All this talk of Matt coming here made me think. Why is it that people say their significant other is their other half? I don't get that. I mean I think I'm whole on my own so I'm not a half of anything. So the way I see it I'm part of a two. Because I'm a whole and so is Matt. We're two wholes.
Yeah, maybe I didn't make any sense. Well life is changing and I'm so excited.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here I Come

My absolute favorite guy...
Harry Potter here I come. In keeping with my tradition I will be at the midnight showing of HBP with my niece and cousin. WOO HOO!!! I'll tell y'all how it is tomorrow.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I've got tons on my mind right now. Enjoy as I ramble.
  • Lifetime is the devil. Lifetime Movie Network...double devil. Then again, I did see some awesome movies today. Not just your typical girl in trouble movies.
  • Putting the finishing touches on a house is more stressful than moving in. I'm stressing over finding art pieces and the little things. And landscaping. Yuck! I don't know what to do.
  • My summer break is going way too fast. :(
  • I still need to take pictures and post them.
  • Cooking and washing dishes is not so bad. However, having a dishwasher is freaking awesome.
  • There is no end to how much HGTV and Food Network I can watch. Oh and watching it on HDTV is fantastic. Football I come.
  • Yay! One week till the boyfriend moves here. Many changes coming.
  • Spurs in the offseason are looking GOOD. Read this article about them. Scroll down to where it says WINNERS. YAY!!!!
  • Sadly, this is the first summer in a long time that I haven't done some reading. It's the house's fault.
  • For the most part I love Facebook and MySpace. I've been able to reconnect with some long lost peeps.
  • Quote from my new principal who I saw at a staff development: Her: "How's the new house?" Me: "Oh it's wonderful! I've almost got it all together." Her: "Oh good so now you're swimming in debt. How wonderful!" I don't think she was being sarcastic. I think she was actually happy for me.
  • It takes me 40 minutes to drive to work, 30 to my mom's, and 25 to church. only takes me 4 minutes to get to my sister's. We've had tons of fun all summer. And the nephews have managed to spend the night at least once a week. I love having a guest room!
  • I think...I think that's it.
Have a great Sunday everyone!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mikey!

My handsome and sweet nephew, Michael, turns 11 today. I'm so sad because he's growing up so fast. He'll be in middle school next year. I remember when he was born... But he is still a great boy.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday from your Nina

My godson, Matthew, turns 8 today. He is a character. He cracks me up but also makes me want to kill him. He fits right into my family. I think we'll keep him! Ha ha!

Happy Birthday Matthew! You're getting so big now.
I love you,
Your Nina Patty

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Can Almost See The Finish Line

My beautiful bed arrived on Sunday. That is almost one month after I ordered it. I have to say that I picked a great looking bed. I promise, pictures of the entire house are forthcoming. When I ordered all my furniture I was a bit worried about my spacial capabilities. I wondered if all my furniture would actually fit and fit comfortably.

So with the furniture delivered, built and placed I can almost see the finish line. I'm still working on organizing my craft room but I get the feeling that I'll always be working on my craft room. But, for the most part the hard part is done. I need to get the finishing touches that come as time goes on. I am extremely excited but also so tired.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Little House

As y'all have noticed I have a brand new look thanks to Jen. I have to thank Jen again because she's had a lot going on and she still found the time to do this for me.

I wanted my blog to show how I'm currently going through my next big adventure. I think Jen did an amazing job of capturing that. Especially in a way that represents me. I'm not the easiest girl to please. Just ask Jen...I'm...particular. But I adore my new look.


Dear Jen,
I love, love, love my new look. You are the BEST at blog design! I am so happy with what you did. Thanks for helping me celebrate my big moment. You are the best friend a gal could hope for.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dear Amy

Thank you so much for the adorable magnet you sent me. There have been a whirlwind of things going on at the new house. Not a moments day rest at all...yet. I just happened to receive my keys to my mailbox yesterday. To my surprise I had a note from you. I can't express how much your thoughtfulness and kindness means to me. I love the magnet!!! You're the best!

Your friend,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things to Ponder

What kind of tired is it when you think you're not hungry yet when you take a bite of food you find you really were starving? That is me. I feel like I'm not thinking clearly. I'm in somewhat of a zombie state. Although I'm a good faker. I'm giddy. My feet, legs, arms, shoulders, back and eyes hurt. My brain knows I'm exhausted. Yes it's true that usually at the end of the school year my body lets go and I'm tired anyway. But this time it's beyond that. Of course it's because of my house.

I plan on moving and staying in my new house on Saturday. That means that I've been packing at school then coming home to pack as well. The most tiring part is that at least twice this week I've packed the car, driven to work, packed at school, driven to the opposite side of town, unpacked my car, driven home, and continued packing at home. I have to say that it's a different feeling to be constantly busy. I guess I'm still in good spirits because it's for my new house. Yet I hate the feeling of exhaustion. I try not to put myself in those situations where I'm SUPER tired. It's been like this for the past couple of weeks.

That reminds me. The end of the year went great! I teared up once in front of my kids yet I cried like a baby when I was talking to Matt about my kids. I also cried when I mentioned it to a friend. My class was just so cute, sweet, giving, and smart. I've been so attached to them and it's hard to see them go.

I have to say that this was some year in the life of Patty. Not sure if any other class will be able to top this one.

Well off to packing some more...

Monday, June 1, 2009

HOTTIE - Can't Believe I Almost Missed It

You're Welcome

How hot is Jacob?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

It Is Mine

On Thursday I became a happy and proud home owner. The furniture has been ordered, the bedding has been bought, and all utilities have been transfered in my name. I'm all giddy and all I talk about is my house. Just ask Jen. She's heard tons. I have so many things running through my head but somehow I'm speechless. I wanted to share the joyous news with y'all. Pictures coming soon.

Monday, May 25, 2009

EXHAUSTED...but it's a GREAT thing

For the past 2 weeks I have been absolutely exhausted. Why you ask? PATTY FOUND HER HOUSE!!!! Sorry for yelling but it's hard to contain my enthusiasm. It's a brand new house. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 are more like office sized and 1 and 3/4 baths. It's so cute. Because it's new I have some work to do as far as landscaping but the good thing is that I can do what I want. The kitchen is nice. I'll be doing some massive baking in there. And the best part is that both Matt and I will have our own office...each. So I will have my craft room. I will have an entire room dedicated to my invitation and card making, scrapbooking and jewelry. Other than the part where Matt is finally coming to be here with me, I think this is what I'm most excited about.

My house came with a full appliance package. The dishwasher, stove and hood were already installed. I paid to upgrade to a microwave and a better dishwasher. I picked black and love them. They look so nice in my kitchen. I must say that it's coming together nicely.

This past weekend my sister and I went to furniture stores to pick out my furniture. As soon as I close I'm heading back and ordering my stuff. I have to say that I'm extremely happy with my picks. Also, my brother went a bought my dining table today. I wanted a round, black table. Woo hoo! I'm almost home.

I haven't closed on my house yet. All that is left is the appraisal and then we are good to go. I have to make my list of things I NEED to buy. Then there's a list of things I WANT to buy. I need to pack. And I need to move. My brother made fun of me today. He said my house is definitely big enough for 2 people. Then he went on to say that hopefully Matt has only half a person's amount of things because I have 1 and 1/2 of a person's things. Ha ha! So true.

I'll keep y'all posted as far as my closing date!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Movies You Forget About Until...

I'm up pretty late because I was waiting to talk to Matt. I love to see what movies come on late night. Tonight it's Sister Act. What a great movie!!!! When I hear some of the songs play at church it always brings me back to this movie. What a classic. Hmmm...sadly, I don't own this movie.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mmmmm, Yummy!!!

First Look

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yes, It's True

I've found my house. It's really far from where I work and from my parents and from Jen :( But, I'm really close to my two sisters so that's a good thing. And, not sure if she's happy about this but I'll be closer to Bonnie.

I haven't taken pictures because I didn't want to jinx myself (again)! This home is located in a new development. It's brand new and I get a ton of extras that I wasn't getting before. Overall, my dad, brother, realtor, friend, and I all felt it was the right house.

I'll go into more detail when I post pictures. Just know that I am so excited that things are moving along. So in about a month Matt and I will start our life together and that sounds great to me.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

Today is my dad's birthday. Everyone knows I'm the biggest daddy's girl so really there aren't words to express what my dad means to me. I'm just so grateful to have him in my life. Happy birthday, papi.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thanks for brightening up my days!

Over the span of two weeks I've been awared 4 awards. I don't mean to keep apologizing for everything but I feel bad that I haven't posted these on my blog yet. I feel bad that I haven't gotten around to reading everyones' blogs much less commenting. I just feel bad about it all. So I'm super sorry.

Back to the awards. The first comes from Kristen at Ladybug Blessings. I love her kind and inspiring words. Kristen always sees the positive in situations. She awarded me the Friend Award. This is the second time I get this award but it still means a ton to get it. Thanks Kristen!

Award number 2 comes from Amy at Keeping up with the Schultz Family. Amy and I have become great blogging friends. And hopefully we will one day meet in real life. I think Amy is so kind and a wonderful mother. I love reading her blog to see what great theme she has posted about. Amy awarded me the Super Blogger Award. Yay, thanks Amy!

My third award was given to me by Jen at Jen and Rob. I have to say that I love reading about how great of a couple Jen and her hubby are. I also can relate to Jen's TAKS stress because of my 5 years of teaching a TAKS grade. (Boy, I don't miss that now that I teach 2nd!) Jen awarded me the...hmmm...Lemonade Stand Award? What is the name of this award? Well anyway, this is also the second time getting this award but it still means a lot to get it. Thanks Jen!

The final award comes from Rachel over at A Doggie Life. I love how much she loves dogs. She is a true lover of nature. And you all need to check out her ask Ruby segment. It's so great! Rachel awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you so much Rachel!

I know I'm supposed to follow the rules of each award, but I hope everyone is okay with me awarding people with whichever award you have not received. So if you indeed read this post and you have not gotten one of these awards then I award YOU!!!

So thanks again to all of you for the awards.

Not For Me

I've been quiet for a few days. Again, sadly, this house wasn't for me. So I'm still on the hunt out looking at possible home. I think that makes the total 15 houses and no luck. Keep your fingers crossed. I know it's all in God's hands.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Out of Commission

It's been almost a week since my last post. So much has kept me busy. Not all of it is worth blogging about. The thing that makes me want to scream (in a good way) is the process of finding a house. I've seen so many houses and finally found one I absolutely love. And....just today...I PUT IN AN OFFER!!! OMG!!! I've become a grown up. Now I need everyone to keep their fingers crossed and say some prayers. This is THE house.

So with this being said, I'm sorry I'm not on as often. I try to comment on everyone's blog at least once a week but lately even that's been hard. I do think of y'all all the time. Please be patient with me.

I'll post pictures when and if it becomes official. I don't want to jinx myself again.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tears...So Sad

According to my Glamour magazine there are 3 things worth crying about


Just so you know, none of the authors were men. I suppose they are girly girl tomboys like me.

So with that I say good-bye to this year's Spurs season. I'm so sad...but I can dedicate all of my time to my future house.

Still, I'm very sad.

Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine

I wanted to post yesterday what I was going to do today but I didn't want to jinx myself. Today I had an appointment with my realtor/broker. Then her loan officer ran my numbers and I pre-qualified for the amount I wanted. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Now when I find the house I love (which I think I did...again) I can put an offer on it.

I have to admit that I was REALLY nervous. In fact, I didn't know it was because of it but my eye starting twitching at school at about 3:00 when I was signing folders. It didn't stop until after I was reassured I could afford a house. At least I didn't notice it had stopped until then.

I'm so happy right now.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

You Must

I have a blast everytime I watch these commercials so I went to the website. You.Must.Click.Here. These gals are so funny and we all feel a little like one or all of them.

I took the quiz and indeed I am a little of all of them.

I Found It

I have feared that I lost my voice. I've been distracted lately by many things currently going on. (Why Spurs, why do you put me under a spell?) I kid. But in all seriousness I feel like I hadn't posted many Patty-quality posts. I'm back! At least I hope so.

I was reading my current issue of Glamour and came across an article called "6 Little Ways to be a Better Friend". My first thought: I'm a great friend, but I think there's always room for improvement. Then the next thought is: Hmmm, what about the friends in my life.

I've been blessed with many wonderful friendships in my life. Past and present. Each person brings their unique personality. Yet when I saw this article I thought of my best friend, Edie. Am I a good friend? And how can I be better? Sadly, when I moved back home almost 4 years ago I had to leave Edie behind. (Believe me...I tried to bring her but no luck!) Although our friendship is still strong as ever, and when I visit or she visits, it's as if nothing has changed, it was hard for me when I first moved back home.

A little history about our friendship. I was hired a year after Edie at my old school. Both January hires. She taught 3rd and I was in 5th. Our paths never crossed much, even though our school was tiny. Then in May we found out that she would be moved to 5th and my fellow teammate would go to 3rd. I was a little worried because by nature I'm a super dork and Edie seemed so prim and proper. No fun at all. Summer came and went and when we got back we found out Edie was pregnant and was due in March. Yikes...TAKS. But bottom line, our principal had her reasons for moving teachers around and Edie was there to stay. As the year went on Edie and I engaged in our own "bromance". She become a close friend. That was year one. Unfortunately, thanks to the Texas education system one 5th grade section was cut and Edie went back to 3rd. Our friendship was solid and we just became closer.

I guess to explain why I missed Edie so much I have to mention that I became a part of her family. I had Sunday dinner at her mom's with all her family. Her mom (Connie), her aunt (Ida), Edie and I had breakfast every Saturday and Sunday mornings followed by some kind of shopping. Sundays were grocery shopping day, which we did together also. I ended up renting from Ida and she became my landlord. Actually, sometimes Ida and I went out together. And during the week we sometimes went to dinner and we always had at least one weekly run to either Target or Wal-mart. All this time her son, Nathan, also came with us so he became like my family too. I attended all their family occassions such as birthdays, baptisms, and even took a day off to help with her twin brother's wedding. All in all, I felt right at home. Edie became more like a sister than a best friend. And to tell you the truth, I always consulted with Edie on things from boys to buying furniture. I could count on her to tell it the way it was.

I appreciated that Edie took me in. My dad even joked one time that Connie was going to claim me as a dependent on her income tax because I was there so much. After a couple of years of this I think I began to grow a home-sickness. Spending all this time with her family made me miss my family all that much more. So I decided to move home and I left my best friend and sister behind. We're still very much in each other's lives but it's a little different. I guess I miss her a lot right now while I'm on my house hunting adventure. She'd be right there with me, viewing every house by my side.

So back to the article. I hope you guys find these tips useful in reflecting. I know I did. (Sorry I was so long-winded, but I hadn't really talked about Edie much and she's a huge part of my life in San Antonio.)

Tip 1
Put her (or him) on your to-do list
This made me sad because I have been guilty of letting weeks go by before I call Edie or a few other out of town friends. Shame on me. But I think using a to-do list will keep us focused on what makes us healthy. Glamour recommends not letting life keep you too busy and to try to plan a weekly gathering with friends.

Tip 2
Be there in the bad times
This is hard for those of us that don't always know what to do or say. However, just being there is enough most of the time.

Tip 3
Don't over advise
Ha, I'm super bad at this one. I'm one of those say exactly what you're thinking at the time you're thinking it kinda gals. I just feel like I'd want people to be brutally honest with me so I think that's what everyone wants. It's not! Only give advice when it's requested. Otherwise, shut up.

Tip 4
Accept her weaknesses
Go to certain friends when you're looking for something in particular. If someone is too playful then go to them when you're looking for a distraction or for a fun night out on the town. But don't penalize people if you know that's how they are. Me: bad listener most of the time. But I try!

Tip 5
Be cash-conscious
Go to places that will make everyone comfortable. Don't go to ritzy places if your buddy is on a tight budget.

Tip 6
Look out for her even when she's not looking
I don't need to explain this one. Thanks Jen, for scouting out potential houses for me.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Randomness 3

I've had bits of random things running around in my head. Some are statements, some are questions, and some are just thoughts. goes.

Dear San Antonio Spurs,
You're down 3 games to 1. That means that one more game and you're out. I knew the day would come when you weren't the best but honestly, it's not this year. We get it...Manu is out but the rest of you have to help poor Tony. He can't keep scoring 43 out of 90 points. HE'S ONLY ONE GUY! Please help him!!!! Poor guy probably doesn't have any energy for Eva when he gets home.
Your obsessed and devoted fan (even when you're about to lose),

Why do people think they need to get their point across by resorting to violence?

R.I.P. Bea Arthur. I grew up watching Golden Girls. Even though I didn't understand all the sexual innuendos until I watched the reruns as an adult.

NFL's going to be interesting for sure next year.

Will all the stuff I own fit in the wonderful future house I buy? Oh no....what about Matt's stuff?

Two migraines in one week really SUCKS!

Why does it have to be such a busy time right now? The end-of-the-year for teachers is an insane time!
What else will they ask us to do?

Tomorrow is our first Biggest Loser weigh-in and Patty has not fared well. Yuck!
I wish I was more like Bonnie. But...I am eating healthier.

When did my font change? I was typing this post with one and now it's become another.

House hunting is exhausting. However, when you find a great realtor like mine, it makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Even my brother likes this family. And he doesn't like anyone.

I probably should've saved more money.

Why aren't cupcake shops in Austin open on Mondays? What do they have against Mondays?

Oh my, Matt just called me. Love to hear his voice. He's a sweet guy. I wanted to see how he felt about having parties at our house. Can I say: Best.Boyfriend.Ever. Everyone that knows me knows I'm big on entertaining so the fact that I didn't know how he felt about this made me nervous. And guess what? He's totally okay with it. As long as it's not all the time. Yeah, even I can't party all the time. Karaoke at Patty's. OMG at my very own house.

Last random thought: What am I going to eat for dinner? Update: I ate some of my yummy new cereal, a banana, and whole wheat toast. Scrumptous!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Anyone? Anyone?

Who wants to go on a road trip with me? This is where we will be going.

Just kidding...not sure I'm convention material.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Which Do You Think?

Random Post

Every time I see the Heineken commercial where the girl is giving her girlfriends a tour of her house and then when she shows them her walk-in closet they scream. They then are interrupted by similar screaming from the guys admiring their buddy's' walk-in beer fridge. Sorry for the recap but I tried looking for the video clip on YouTube but the only ones I found were in Dutch.

So, what commercials crack you up no matter how many times you've seen it?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Birds, One Stone

I was reading Amy's blog today and wanted to chime in on her two posts today. The first was her Musical Monday feature. The other was about her top 5 celebrity crushes. I explained on my comment to Amy that I sort of cheat and categorize my crushes. Like that I get to share more of them.

I went to high school between the years 1994 - 1997. I had a very difficult time narrowing my favorite so instead I found this handy MTV site where you can look at all the songs of particular years.
I have several celebrity crushes. And by several I'm making an understatement. It's a plethora of celebrity crushes. I guess I better get started. Lots of crushes to share. Sorry, I probably won't be able to post pictures of all my crushes. I will link to any previous posts if I've written them. (Which I have : ) ) Oh and sometimes I don't always find the celebrity sexy except in certain movies.
  • Athletes: Yummy, yummy, muscles (perhaps y'all don't call athletes celebrities but to a huge sports fan, they are)
  • Hot Black Crushes
  • Muscians: Flo Rida, Robert Pattinson (yes he's a musician), Elvis, hmmm, I know there's more...
  • Actors: Zach Braff, Neil Patrick Harris (yes, I realize he bats for the other team), Matt Damon in anything, Djimon Hounsou in Beauty Shop, Orlando Bloom in LOTR, Leonardo DiCapri in The Departed, and Gerard Butler in 300.
  • Actresses: (I believe in equal opportunities) Selma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, Alicia Keys, and Eva Longoria-Parker (just because she's married to Tony Parker).

Not Meant To Be

As it turns out the beautiful house I saw yesterday already had a contract on it and they will be closing on it next week. It wasn't meant to be. My realtor and I will keep looking for another house that speaks to me. I'm hopefully optimistic.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine

I get it. Everyone hates my posts about sports. Yet I love sports and they are such a huge part of me. Nonetheless, I get that y'all don't like reading about them much. So...

I haven't shared with everyone yet that I'm considering buying a house. What prompted me to start looking you ask? Well I've mentioned that Matt will be moving here in the summer. I figured we'd get an apartment. However, after looking at a few properties and a few estimates the cost would be almost the same so why not own instead of rent? And in the next week I'll be making my final payment on my car! My car will be mine!!!

I'm extremely nervous just because buying a house is a huge step. Yet, all the signs are there encouraging me to buy. I've seen a few houses and I'm viewing another one tomorrow. I have to say that from the outside it's very cute. My parents and I walked around it and looked in the windows. Also cute. And we walked in the backyard. Big with tons of potential and I can see future fiestas happening there. I guess you can say I really love the house. If it's meant to be it will. Keep your fingers crossed.

Only other New Patty news is that I had to cancel my Curves membership. Are the Curves in everyone else's cities closing too? They merged two Curves making it's new location very far. And transferring was not an option because the others near me also closed. Boo hoo! To make up for this I've finally started walking at a park near my house with my cousin. The weather is getting nicer and great walking weather.

Slowly but surely I'm still embarking on my journey. All I know is that I'm definitely walking on new ground and that however frightening it is, it's also extremely exciting.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Color, Color, Everywhere There Is Color

I've talked about my obsession with pens, sharpies, grading markers and gel pens. The past two nights I've the priveledge to hang with Jen at a training. The only unfortunate thing was that it was after school from 4:30 - 7:30. Yucky! We both were so tired.

Back to my reason for this post. Whenever I attend trainings I get so excited because I get to break out and use my fabulous assortment of Paper Mate markers. I know that I didn't express this in my previous post about the markers but...when I use them I'm careful not to pair up colors of rival sports teams. It doesn't matter what sport. You'll never see me put purple with yellow or orange (boo Lakers and Suns) or red and yellow (boo Redskins). I know, it's strange. Just ask Jen. Sometimes she laughs about it, although sometimes she might be rolling her eyes. Regardless, I can't help it. Just just like I can spot sports decals on people's vehicles. I just zone in on them. I told everyone...I'm a tomboy-girly girl!

It's best summed up by Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns. I feel for him like I do LeBron James. I really like them. They are charismatic and nice. But when they are playing the Spurs they are my enemies. Anyway, watch the Vitamin Water commercial. Y'all can watch the whole thing but for sure watch from the 15 second mark to the 40 second mark. This is exactly what I think of when I see colors.

Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks

Everything that needed to happen last night did. The Houston Rockets lost and the San Antonio Spurs won! So lucky for us we came in third place and as Southwest Division Champions. Honestly, that title means nothing. Now what matters is that they play the Dallas Mavericks and that they beat them because I really, really, really, dislike the owner Mark Cuban. Of course I want them to win because they are the best.

Y'all tune in on April 18th at 6:00 p.m. Not sure what station but I'll let you know.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Almost Playoffs Time

Not sure if y'all have noticed but the excitement is starting to build again. Starting April 19th, the NBA Playoffs will begin. It is certain that the Spurs made it into the playoffs however, it is still unknown what place they will come in and who they will face in the first round.

Statistically since it is an odd year the Spurs should win. Yet they are playing without Manu so I don't know. But I'm hopeful. They have heart and they definitely have the experience. I'm putting my money on them. And I'll be wearing my jersey pins proudly!!!


Update: Not sure what the deal is but why, oh why TNT Playoffs commercial, do you rarely play the one with the Spurs in it?

Oh and the playoffs start on the 18th. Not sure the exact date the Spurs start!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister #1

Today is my sister's 41st birthday. Yes that's right! My sisters are both 40 for about a week. My parents were busy people. Ha ha! Well anyway, I hope you had a great day! Lucky for you, you were off from school (like Bonnie).

Sorry Sister...I know you wanted another picture of you but I forgot which one.

Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine

AHA!!! I can't believe no one called me on my lack of commenting on the New Patty progress. I didn't post last week or yesterday.

Who am I kidding? I know y'all are as busy as I am. It's all good. I will report my re-commitment to me. I'm now back on track. I'll report back on Sundays as usual.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sorry I'm Late

My friend Amy is having her Round Robin event today. Although I'm extremely late I still wanted to share my craft. Again, no big secret that I LOVE the San Antonio Spurs. Every year when the Spurs make the playoffs I wear Manu's pin. I have a white jersey for when they play at home and a black for when they play away. I may have to make another one with Timmy or Tony's number since Manu is out. But then again, I support my babe even through the bad times.

Well back to the craft...

black and white foam
hot glue gun
glue stick
silver and black sharpie markers

  1. Cut a square out of the foam. The size depends on how big you want your pin to be.
  2. From the square cut off the sleeves and neckline to make a jersey.
  3. Take your sharpie marker (use the silver on the black foam and the black on the white foam) and write "Spurs" on the top and the player's number. In the picture it is Manu's number.
  4. Use the hot glue gun to put some glue on the back of the foam and then adhere the pin. Press it into the glue and let it dry.
  5. And voila, you're done. It should look somewhat like the picture below. And like I said, you can use any color foam for any team you want. Also, I haven't it yet but I've wanted to make a Dallas Cowboys jersey. I would just cut sleeves into the foam instead of sleeveless like a basketball jersey.
I hope y'all enjoy this simple craft!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why the number 8?

Amy from Keeping up with the Schultz Family tagged me in her post. I have to say that I've gotten better about being tagged.! Just ask Jen. But now I've come to embrace tagging...for the most part. I've come a long way since the beginning of my blog.

8 Things I am looking forward to...
  • The day Matt moves here so we can be together all the time
  • Eating yummy food during Easter
  • Getting some R&R
  • Hanging out with my family
  • Buying a house
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie
  • Purchasing new music for my iPod
  • Getting a tattoo

8 Things I did yesterday...
  • Feed Horacio his dinner
  • Search online for homes for sale
  • Watch the Spurs lose : (
  • Conclude my parent/teacher conferences
  • Hang out with my partner in crime, Vanessa
  • Catch up with an old friend
  • Visit my good ol' friend Perez Hilton's website
  • Sign up for an Autism workshop
  • Watch the new episode of My Boys

8 Things I wish I could do...
  • Win the lottery
  • Be with Matt for Easter
  • Go visit India and the Taj Mahal
  • Sing
  • Be a radio dj (especially on the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show)
  • Open my own arts and crafts store (It would actually be a teacher book store/bakery/arts and crafts/store.) Yes, I'd want to do it all...
  • Meet the current San Antonio Spurs team, although it would be sweet to meet David Robinson too
  • Become a truly inspiring and remarkable instructional leader

8 Shows I watch...
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Heroes
  • Scrubs
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Monk
  • Burn Notice
  • The Jon Stewart Show/The Colbert Report (They sort of go hand in hand.)
  • My Boys (ok this is 9 but I had to)

8 People I tag...

Catching Some ZZZZZZZZ's

So Jen and I left school at about 12:50ish. We are officially on Easter break. I'm sooooooo tired. It's the strangest thing thinking how tired I've been lately. In fact I feel like taking a nap right now and the great thing is that I CAN.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


YAY!!! It's finally less than 100 days till the new Harry Potter movie! WOO HOO! 99 days and counting...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You Either Think...

You're either on my side or my nieces's side.

If you're on my side you crack up everytime you see the Old Navy commercials with the mannequins.

If you're on my niece's side you think they are creepy.

Patty vs. Vanessa

Who do y'all agree with?

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Sports Made Me Soooooooooo Sad

Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while know that I LOVE the San Antonio Spurs. At 5:43 today I received a text from the Spurs (yes, I subscribe to their texts) that Manu Ginobili will not be playing for the rest of the season or for the playoffs. This is so devastating to me and makes me so sad. And as I mentioned yesterday I'm slightly in an emotional funk as it is so this is not helping the situation. If you want to know how deep my love for Manu is just click on his name in the label cloud.

For those of you that don't know, Manu Ginobili is my favorite Spurs player. This year he's been battling injuries and he was finally back after missing 19 games. He was even in the starting lineup. Every year for the playoffs I wear my Manu jersey pin. I made it myself out of crafting foam. Yes I'm a dork but my kids love it.

The Spurs are even a part of my family. Horacio is now a Spurs fan and a HUGE Manu fan. And the Spurs have brought my dad and I closer. Not to mention that it helps keep the tomboy in me happy.

It truly is a sad day for me. Just know that I take my sports very seriously. I blog about the Dallas Cowboys and their struggles but I love the Spurs and how they truly represent the definition of team. Sure there are better players than Manu but he along with the other members make a unique and inspiring team. I'm extremely sad right now.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gracias, Amy

This post is long over due. I want both thank and apologize to Amy. First I want to say thank you for awarding me this award. Second I want to apologize for the delay in my acceptance of it. Amy is one of the sweetest people I've had the chance to "meet". I've never met Amy in person but she's a sweetheart in the blogging community. With that being said I'm sure she will forgive me.

I've neglected my blog follower duties a tad bit. While I try to get on a few blogs nightly I'm having a hard time commenting on everyone's blog. I have to say that I've also neglected my posting duties. I quickly want to mention that I've had a lot on my mind since my return from Austin/San Antonio. I'll leave this to another post.

So again, thanks Amy. Thank you for this award. The rules to this blog award say I have to list 7 things I love and then pass it on to 7 bloggers I love.

  • I love GOD
  • I love Matt
  • I love my family
  • I love the San Antonio Spurs
  • I love macaroni and cheese
  • I love baking
  • I love to eat...especially cupcakes
Seven Bloggers I LOVE
  • Rachel: She LOVES dogs as much as I LOVE cupcakes and the Spurs. Hmmm, although loving dogs seems better.
  • Jen and Rob: I love to see what Jen is up to.
  • Rebecca Jo: Her love for God is inspiring.
  • Stacy: I love her courage to share her story with us.
  • Alicia: I love how sometimes she makes lemonade out of lemons. She's too funny! (Is that right, Jen? I have a way of messing up sayings!)
  • Celine: She's such a sweetie and looks at the good in everything.
  • Anne: I love her sense of humor. I always chuckle when I read her blog.
So there you have it! Thanks again Amy!

Happy Birthday Sister #2

Today is my sister's 40th birthday. Ha and since she doesn't read my blog I can tell you how old she is. Hope your day is wonderful.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Waiting for the Widget

Next Sex and the City movie comes out May 28, 2010! I'm just waiting for the widget so I can put it up on my blog.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Future Wedding


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine

I almost forgot that I needed to post my usual Sunday progress. The most positive thing that happened this week was that we are underway in our Biggest Loser Contest. We all are committing to 6 months of healthy living. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that I kick some ass in the next coming months.

One unfortunate event this week was that I received a letter telling me that my Curves was merging with another Curves. This one will not be as close and it will be inconvenient for me to go to. So I think I will have to cancel my membership and rely strictly on walking with my dad.

On a different note, I'm sorry my posts have not been more interesting lately. I can't believe how tired I've been since coming back from spring break. I think all the traveling took it's toll on me. I'm not as young as I used to be. I am 30, remember?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!!

And the winner is.....


Emalee from i Am Me

I want to thank everyone for playing. I enjoyed the scavenger hunt and I've found some great, new blogs. Hopefully Jen and I will have a round 2 or cook up a whole new contest in the future. Head over to Jen's blog to see who won her blog make over.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I Promise

I just wanted to reassure everyone that Jen and I will be drawing for our grand prize winners of our FFFF Scavenger Hunt this week. We had every intention of doing so today but I had a follow-up doctor's appointment and both of us were pretty beat after our first day back from spring break. We promise to do it this week. Im actually really eager to see who the winner is.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine

Please don't even ask!

Spring Break = Bad Patty

I'm now heading into detox

Friday, March 20, 2009

Safe and Sound

This post is being written from my very own bed at home. I have to say that this week seemed like one of those dream weeks. Truth be told, I've never experienced one before so I'm assuming this is what a dream week feels like. Unfortunately, on St. Patrick's Day I switched out my purses (I had a green one for St. Paddy's Day) and forgot to put in my camera and carry it around so...again no pictures. I'm a dork.

Obviously the reason I had such a marvelous week was my quality time with Matt. There are no specific reasons why I feel our time was dream-like. What can I say? He's a sweet guy and he treats me well. We had intense and amazing conversations. We were dorks together and laughed a bunch. We got to know each other better. I like what I got to know. He also gave me a tour of Austin, but not the tourist-y tour...the local tour. It was so sweet. To tell y'all the truth, I can't exactly put into words what I feel. But I can say it feels great!

Matt also humored me and my LOVE for cupcakes. I told him about an article I read about Hey Cupcake! We went
first thing on Tuesday (it's closed on Mondays). He even took me back on Thursday before leaving Austin so I could bring some home. Three great days!

Now would be a good time to share a little more about my issues. I've always considered myself a bit of a commitment-phobe. Not really sure why. There is something about having to take someone else into consideration while making a decision that I don't like. I love my independence. But I suppose I had yet to meet someone I wouldn't mind doing that with or for. The other fear is that I haven't exactly ever invested this much into a relationship (hence my commitment issues). I guess I'm afraid of losing it all. The honest truth is that I've always felt that if I didn't invest too much into a guy then I couldn't get too hurt. And now I'm in way deeper than ever and quite frightend. But I'll take each day one at a time and enjoy it. Because right now I am extremely HAPPY and so IN LOVE.

Oh yeah, and San Antonio was a blast too. I went to visit my old school and all my friends there. We had dinner and drinks and laughed our asses off. I'll be back in 3 weeks for a quiceanera. Stay tuned for part two...

Fresh Flip Flop Find - Day 7

I want to thank Jen for helping me yesterday. She really saved my behind on that one. I'm sad to say today is our final day of the scavenger hunt for a few reasons. For one, the end of our contest means the end of spring break in general. The thing is that soon I will annouce the winner of the scavenger hunt.

So for the last time. : ( My featured bloggers are:
Day 6's question is: Which blogger might have had a run in with me because we were in the same city at the same time during spring break?

Happy reading everyone!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fresh Flip Flop Find-Day 6 (Brought to you by Jen)

Hi everyone, this is Jen from Following the Footsteps! I am holding down the fort here at Little Miss Sunshine's blog while Patty is on vacation this week for Spring Break!! I am excited to be her guest blogger today while she's unable to get Internet access!!

I want to personally thank all of Patty's readers for joining our Bloggity game this week! We have had so much fun and I just love this community that has been established this week!! I hope even after tomorrow, our last and final day of FFFF, we continue to read and support each other through comments!! I guess I better get to why I am here today.....Our featured bloggers!!

Mom to Bee

A Duck in Her Pond

Seriously Too-Weight For it

Day 6's question: Which featured blogger is an inspiration to her co-workers to work harder at winning their school's "Biggest Loser" Competition?

Patty will be back tomorrow for the final day Fresh Flip Flop Find! Happy Searching Everybody!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fresh Flip Flop Find Day - 5

Don't miss out! The FFFF Scavenger Hunt is almost over. Find out how to join the fun here!

Here we are on Day 5 of our scavenger hunt. I've really enjoyed getting to know and meet some awesome women. All the featured blogs have been such a delight to read. And I'm so sorry if I haven't gotten to you. I've read so many I've loved that I haven't been able to feature.

Without any further delay my featured bloggers today are:
Day 5's question is: Which featured blogger loves scrapbooking, San Francisco, Sex and the City, shoes, shopping, the number seven and St. Patrick's Day? Hmmmm, I wonder why everything she loves starts with the letter S. Ha, ha!