Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome October!

What can I say? As much as I hate to see September go I love October just as much. October means the NBA returns and Halloween candy. It also means that November is that much closer. Oh and my baby boy is turning the big 1. No, not my baby but my great nephew, also known as my godson, Horacio. So welcome October. I look forward to some fabulous moments.

Horacio was born on the 23rd but he didn't get to come home until the 31st.

Goodbye September!

Today is the last day of September. I can't believe that. I love fall and September has been surprisingly cool. I guess that means I'll be able to wear my winter clothes sooner. Ha, I almost wrote close. My class has been working with homophones. How funny! I'll have to tell them. I have a really sweet class.


Someone please get me this!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Guess I Have to Have a Baby

How adorable is this? It's a cupcake baby carrier! I guess I have to have a baby now. Yeah right! I love kids but I'm not sure if I'm mommy material. But...if I did have a baby I would have to have this.

Me Want

So I am in the process of planning my 30th birthday party. My birthday is actually in a little over three months but I want to make sure it's really nice. It'll just be a few friends and a bunch of family. As most of you know I've gone a little obsessed with cupcakes lately. I came across a cupcake blog and saw this picture. So natually, if anyone is interested in a possible birthday gift here is an idea.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

By the Way

Here is the inspiration for my new blog look. I've been a fan of Little Miss Sunshine for yes.

I Got My Calendar

I'm so excited to announce that I received my Twilight Calendar. It has wonderful photo stills from the movie. Since there isn't a Borders Book Store in my city, I had to order it online. I love it and can't wait till January. Currently I have a Girls Next Door Calendar. Just goes to prove how little I need to make me happy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cupcakes For Sale

Kidding! Obviously y'all noticed that I have a new look. I'm very pleased with the look. The inspiration behind the colors came from my Little Miss Sunshine backpack. I also wanted to incorporate my love for cupcakes. I mean what can be better than your own individual piece of cake? And nowadays cupcakes can be really decorative and beautiful. Well anyway, thanks to Jen, who does wonders with blogs. And bless her heart for her patience in finding the right kind of yellow. I had to have sunshine yellow not mustard yellow. Oh and I actually do own said Little Miss Sunshine backpack. I carry my stuff in it at school. And this year I bought the matching lunch box. They are so cute. My students love that fact that I wear a backpack and that it's a Little Miss Sunshine one. I also constantly get the questions: Does that backpack belong to your daughter? or I bet you have a daughter at home, right? Ha ha! No daughter here, just a girl that wants be a kid for life.

I looked for a picture of my backpack. I found one of someone else's kid wearing it but I thought it would be weird to put her on my blog. I'll have Jen take a picture of me tomorrow.


Have you ever been confused after something happens and you don't know why you feel that way? Let's just say that I think I have total control of my life but maybe I don't. I'm really annoyed by the situation. I wish I could just ignore it, but the kind of person I am I won't. Ugh!!! I hate unexpected things.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Heroes is Back

I'm so glad that fall tv is back on. I have been looking forward to Heroes coming back on. I have to say that I sense that the good old Heroes I fell in love with is back on. It's making me gasp again like I used to. So welcome back Heroes.

Me likey a lot!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Love Jeff Lewis

I can almost bet that every girl has been in love with a gay guy. I heart Jeff Lewis. I have to admit that Bravo has quite a few shows I like to watch. One of them is Flipping Out. If I could win the lottery I would start my new job of flipping houses. Of course Jeff Lewis and company do it on a much grander scale but it's my dream job. This coming week he is a guest judge on Top Design. I don't watch this show but I might just to see my gay boyfriend. He is so funny watch. Not because he is funny but because he says and does funny things. His assistant Jenni is too cute and is a saint for putting up with Jeff.

Yay! Less than 300 Days!

I'm so excited that there are less than 300 days left until Harry Potter comes out. Come to think of it October is almost here. Then pretty soon it will be Christmas, the spring break, and finally the end of the school year. However, when Harry Potter comes out it'll mean that half of my summer will be over.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Edie!

I hope you had a great birthday. Too bad I can't be there to help you celebrate. Thanks for being a like a sister to me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Some people are such idiots!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A New Beginning

A tragedy that occurred a few months ago has a happy ending too. This week OLLU reopened it's Main Building for the Fall Semester. The hall is named after Sister Annie B. pictured in the article. I have great memories at the Lake especially in the cafeteria or caf as we all called it. I'm glad Sister Annie B. was there to reopen the place. Although she was very elderly when I went there she still managed to serve us food every once in a while. Her smile and sweet conversations made everyone's day better. And due to her age she couldn't hear well. One time while serving me lunch I said I didn't really want rice. only beans (I think it was Mexican food day). Of course Sister served me anyway. "No, Sister. No rice, oh ok I'll have some rice!" She had a way of making you eat more than you wanted. Maybe it was a ploy to get everyone to spend more. I'm glad my alma matter is open for business again. After all, I turned out wonderful. A little bossy I hear, though.

I Love This Show!

For some reason I love to watch this show. Not that I tune in weekly, but if I'm flipping the channels and I come across it I stop. I'm not sure I ever want kids or even to be married, but I love their family relationship. John and Kate have such chemistry. I love how they bicker and how they always follow through with discipline. I just love this show. So I hope they keep taping for a long time. John and Kate is absolutely great television.

Some Relief

Manu Ginobili underwent successful surgery. Here's praying to a successful recovery, not a speedy one because I don't care if it takes 6 months as long as he is close to 100 percent. I am so relieved. We definitely want a repeat of this!!!