Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Heart is Happy and Full

This week was my best spring break!!!

I had a "TO DO" list this week. Funny how the contents of this post were not on that to do list. Although I did manage to cross off some of my chores, I am returning to work after spring break with a a happy and full heart.

Not that this past week didn't come with some heartbreaks...Why UTEP? That game was yours for the taking! March Madness is definitely upon us. Yet, this week I managed to open my heart up and let love in. I know what the few that read my blog may be thinking. Um, Patty. Didn't your boyfriend move in back in July? Yes, yes he did. But the person I am resisted him and all that he is for months. And though things have gotten great with time it wasn't until this week that I realized my heart is so happy and so full.

Strange. When I had lunch with my cousin she laughed because Matt shows all the qualities and characteristics that most women swoon over. And here I am, living the fairy tale and not realizing it. I could try to tell you what it is that Matt does for me, but it's somewhat difficult to put into words. The easy stuff: he lets me watch sports while he does the cooking and washing of dishes, he tells me he loves me all the time and means it, not one day goes by he doesn't say how beautiful or cute or sexy I am (which for me is hard to hear sometimes). He's good to my parents and nice to my nieces and nephews. He helps around the house by doing laundry, cleaning, and like I said above the cooking and dishes. And I suppose what made me fall in love with him again was how he didn't give up on me when I wasn't so nice.

This week was my best spring break!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spent TOO Much Already

Been shopping two days in a row. I've spent too much money. I've eaten way too much. There is a reason it's good to only have breaks once in a while. If you're too busy working then you don't have time to spend money and gain weight!!!! And to think, it's only day two of spring break. Yikes!!! Spending time with my family and boyfriend...priceless. Ha ha, y'all saw that coming.