Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thanks for brightening up my days!

Over the span of two weeks I've been awared 4 awards. I don't mean to keep apologizing for everything but I feel bad that I haven't posted these on my blog yet. I feel bad that I haven't gotten around to reading everyones' blogs much less commenting. I just feel bad about it all. So I'm super sorry.

Back to the awards. The first comes from Kristen at Ladybug Blessings. I love her kind and inspiring words. Kristen always sees the positive in situations. She awarded me the Friend Award. This is the second time I get this award but it still means a ton to get it. Thanks Kristen!

Award number 2 comes from Amy at Keeping up with the Schultz Family. Amy and I have become great blogging friends. And hopefully we will one day meet in real life. I think Amy is so kind and a wonderful mother. I love reading her blog to see what great theme she has posted about. Amy awarded me the Super Blogger Award. Yay, thanks Amy!

My third award was given to me by Jen at Jen and Rob. I have to say that I love reading about how great of a couple Jen and her hubby are. I also can relate to Jen's TAKS stress because of my 5 years of teaching a TAKS grade. (Boy, I don't miss that now that I teach 2nd!) Jen awarded me the...hmmm...Lemonade Stand Award? What is the name of this award? Well anyway, this is also the second time getting this award but it still means a lot to get it. Thanks Jen!

The final award comes from Rachel over at A Doggie Life. I love how much she loves dogs. She is a true lover of nature. And you all need to check out her ask Ruby segment. It's so great! Rachel awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you so much Rachel!

I know I'm supposed to follow the rules of each award, but I hope everyone is okay with me awarding people with whichever award you have not received. So if you indeed read this post and you have not gotten one of these awards then I award YOU!!!

So thanks again to all of you for the awards.


Amy said...

I am so glad we have met. Any news on the house? I know we will meet someday for sure. Have a great Sunday.

Patty said...

I look forward to it. Actually the seller went with another offer so I'm still looking. Thanks for asking.