Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things to Ponder

What kind of tired is it when you think you're not hungry yet when you take a bite of food you find you really were starving? That is me. I feel like I'm not thinking clearly. I'm in somewhat of a zombie state. Although I'm a good faker. I'm giddy. My feet, legs, arms, shoulders, back and eyes hurt. My brain knows I'm exhausted. Yes it's true that usually at the end of the school year my body lets go and I'm tired anyway. But this time it's beyond that. Of course it's because of my house.

I plan on moving and staying in my new house on Saturday. That means that I've been packing at school then coming home to pack as well. The most tiring part is that at least twice this week I've packed the car, driven to work, packed at school, driven to the opposite side of town, unpacked my car, driven home, and continued packing at home. I have to say that it's a different feeling to be constantly busy. I guess I'm still in good spirits because it's for my new house. Yet I hate the feeling of exhaustion. I try not to put myself in those situations where I'm SUPER tired. It's been like this for the past couple of weeks.

That reminds me. The end of the year went great! I teared up once in front of my kids yet I cried like a baby when I was talking to Matt about my kids. I also cried when I mentioned it to a friend. My class was just so cute, sweet, giving, and smart. I've been so attached to them and it's hard to see them go.

I have to say that this was some year in the life of Patty. Not sure if any other class will be able to top this one.

Well off to packing some more...


Amy said...

I hope everything gets moved and you get some time to rest. Thanks for all of the kind thougts for my Mom.

Kristen said...

aww, that is awesome about your class!! And good luck with moving, but since it is Tuesday you have already stayed there! So I hope everything went well!

jewelryandgiftsbyrebecca said...

Between all the packing, don't forget to take care of YOU.
Oh and that tiered feeling that just a glimpse of what it's like when you become a Mom, ALWAYS tiered.
(Sorry to be the one to tell you but it's true. ;-)