Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spare Room

I'm currently trying to figure out what to do with the spare room I have. I already have my master bedroom, a guest bedroom and a craft room/office. I know, a lot of space for a single gal. Keep in mind that it used to be ex-bf's office. So now I want to make it all mine for whatever I want.

Current ideas:
  • Reading area/Library
  • Exercise room
  • Split office/craft room

That's it! :( Not sure what else I can do with it. I'm leaning towards a combo reading nook/library/exercise room. Just play music while I exercise or read. NO TV or internet what so ever allowed! Sometimes I think that's why I don't do more reading.

Better start saving that money to buy my exercise machine ;)


Bonnie said...

I like your idea about the reading nook/library/exercise room combo. Sounds like a good plan.

Patty said...

Thanks Bonnie! That's what I'm going with I think :)

honeyclarck said...

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