Monday, March 17, 2008


Dear Spurs,

Where have you gone? I miss you. I don't understand how you could have lost 6 of the last seven games. I know your schedule lately has been tough but you are the Champions. I hope to see you all in the upcoming games. Have I told you that I miss you? However, like a true fan I will not abandon you. At least you still have my hunny, Manu. He is amazing but can't do it all himself. So, till we meet again.


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Jen said...

You are so funny! Does this mean they lost again? Sorry I didn't mean to rub that in or anything!!

I love your S&C count down!! 73 DAYS!! Woohoo!! That also means just a little over 73 days until the end of the year. And that includes the weekends!! Hoot!!