Monday, March 31, 2008


I know that typing in all caps is supposed to mean you are yelling but I haven't written in years so I thought I would shout so people can know I'm here again.
First I have to start by saying that spring break was fantastic. I made a trip to San Antonio to visit friends and the school I used to work at. I had a blast. I even made a trip to the AT&T Center to stalk Manu. Kidding!!! I went to buy some gear for an up and coming Spurs fan. I think my baby looks so cute. I also got him a Manu jersey. How could I leave my babe out? But Horacio loves Timmy so I got him a 21.
On a different note, the Spurs have been performing better. And naturally Manu is the main man. I absolutely adore him. So here's to the Playoffs starting on April 20th.

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Jen said...

I am glad you're back! I've missed you! I love that picture!! What a cutie!!