Friday, August 29, 2008

First Week of School

So this week was our first week back teaching kids. I must say that I have been lucky 3 years in a row as far as kids go. My class is so well behaved. I have a couple of chatty ones, but nothing major. I have to remember that this is only week one so there's a chance things might change. But I run a pretty tight ship so I think they'll stay the same.
Another change this year is the addition of the inclusion teacher. She comes in twice a day for an hour each time. She works with all my kids. We are getting along wonderfully. We have similar classroom management. When we planned yesterday she had great ideas. I'm also so glad to have her work with me because she's opened my eyes to new theories and responses. And to think it's only been one week and I've learned so much.
This year I've also decided to get more involved. I'm on the PTA board and various school committees. I like to keep busy. So here's to another great year!

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Jen said...

I am glad your year is off to a great start!! You do have a sweet class!!