Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cupcakes For Sale

Kidding! Obviously y'all noticed that I have a new look. I'm very pleased with the look. The inspiration behind the colors came from my Little Miss Sunshine backpack. I also wanted to incorporate my love for cupcakes. I mean what can be better than your own individual piece of cake? And nowadays cupcakes can be really decorative and beautiful. Well anyway, thanks to Jen, who does wonders with blogs. And bless her heart for her patience in finding the right kind of yellow. I had to have sunshine yellow not mustard yellow. Oh and I actually do own said Little Miss Sunshine backpack. I carry my stuff in it at school. And this year I bought the matching lunch box. They are so cute. My students love that fact that I wear a backpack and that it's a Little Miss Sunshine one. I also constantly get the questions: Does that backpack belong to your daughter? or I bet you have a daughter at home, right? Ha ha! No daughter here, just a girl that wants be a kid for life.

I looked for a picture of my backpack. I found one of someone else's kid wearing it but I thought it would be weird to put her on my blog. I'll have Jen take a picture of me tomorrow.

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Jen said...

I am glad you like it!! It's really cute!! It's totally YOU!!