Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A New Beginning

A tragedy that occurred a few months ago has a happy ending too. This week OLLU reopened it's Main Building for the Fall Semester. The hall is named after Sister Annie B. pictured in the article. I have great memories at the Lake especially in the cafeteria or caf as we all called it. I'm glad Sister Annie B. was there to reopen the place. Although she was very elderly when I went there she still managed to serve us food every once in a while. Her smile and sweet conversations made everyone's day better. And due to her age she couldn't hear well. One time while serving me lunch I said I didn't really want rice. only beans (I think it was Mexican food day). Of course Sister served me anyway. "No, Sister. No rice, oh ok I'll have some rice!" She had a way of making you eat more than you wanted. Maybe it was a ploy to get everyone to spend more. I'm glad my alma matter is open for business again. After all, I turned out wonderful. A little bossy I hear, though.

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Jen said...

I am happy to hear they are rebuilding and moving forward!