Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Tragedy Indeed

Most of you know that I love the San Antonio Spurs because I lived in San Antonio for 9 years. I went there for school and stayed to teach. I had a horrific night yesterday. My friend Ruben texted me to tell me that the university where I got my undergraduate degree was on fire. To my absolute horror the school was engulfed in flames. According to the news report they had been fighting the fire for an hour already. I watched helplessly for two additional hours and still the fire was going. One news report said that more than half of the city's fire fighters were there. All though I was emotional and teary-eyed I didn't actually start crying until the news station showed footage of what the school looked like before. Another example of not taking anything for granted. I know it may just be a building but I lived there for 4 and half years and was very much involved with campus life. I'm mostly sad that future generations won't be able to enjoy it's original charm and architecture. Also, the school is located on one of the oldest and poorest sides of town. The school was a symbol of pride for many there. Not only was it one of the most historic buildings in San Antonio, but one of the most well respected. It is truly a loss.
Today I searched the web for pictures of the aftermath. I wanted to see what was left of my school. It made me even sadder but I didn't want to cry at school. I'm so fortunate to have such great friends. Most of my close friends called me yesterday or texted me with messages of sympathy. A couple of them that went to school with me were speechless.
Despite this tremendous tragedy there is a positive outcome. The statue of the Virgin Mary survived as did the chapel. It is a beautiful chapel. If I wanted to get married there I would have to get on the 6 - 7 year waiting list.
And yet, through all the heart break and costly damage, the founders of the school, the Sisters of Divine Providence were hopeful. One sister said that bad things happen but it's how you respond to them that is the real test. They said that the fire was sad and devastating but they would ultimately rebuild. And so as an alumni I will support the cause in whatever way I can.

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Jen said...

Again I am really sorry for this tragedy! It is really awful!! I find it amazing though that both the statue of the Virgin Mary and the Chapel were not destroyed!! Isn't God Wonderful!! I am sure something good will come from it and the pride for the school will be stronger than ever!!