Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wii Tournament

My nephews got a Wii sometime last year. I have to say that I'm not that great at it. I may LOVE sports but I'm not great at sports. Today we had a tennis tournament. I lost my first game to Vanessa. I won my second game against Matthew (who is seven). And then lost the third game to my brother. Even though I sucked at tennis I had a great time. This is why I love to hang out with my family. We're silly but fun.


Bonnie said...

The boys and I have been playing on the Wii since New Year's Day. I suck at tennis, but am awesome at bowling. Shane is getting really good at the bowling, and Spencer is pretty much good at anything he plays on the Wii.

Heidi said...

We thought about buying a Wii this year, they had them on sale at Wal Mart, but for as much as we would use it it wasn't worth the money.

Amy said...

I was not sure if you did a change on your blog page. I was going to ask but when I went onto Jen's page I saw what you wrote. It looks great. I thought you were out of town so I was going to check on you soon. I kind of want a Wii. Maybe some day.