Friday, September 11, 2009


Sorry Bonnie for taking your word. Where have I been this week, you may ask? Not at work! This short, four day week I managed to make it to work half a day. You heard me right! .5 of one work week. How sad.

Picture this...
Patty wakes up Saturday morning refreshed and happy. It's a 3 day weekend. Also, the night before she was out with her friends at a bar having a great time. She even karaoked!!! After getting the laundry started and cleaning up a bit it happens...that tired feeling out of nowhere. Patty tries ignore it continuing her weekend chores. But then it becomes too much and she MUST.TAKE.A.NAP. After her lovely siesta Patty wakes up achy and with the chills (and not the cool Grease kind). And sadly, two hours or so later her throat begins to feel bad.
Naturally, Patty knows that every September she gets sick so she is prepared and takes her usual doses of medicine and continues her chores. BUT...later that night her body is so hot but she is so cold. She showers and calls it a night, taking a last dose of her meds. Somewhere in the middle of the night her fever breaks and she starts sweating up a storm. YUCK!!! Sunday comes and she wakes early to get ready for church. The only thought in Patty's mind is to get ready so she can drive 30 minutes to her mom's house for coffee before church. Why? Patty's throat hurts more than it ever has in her life.
Fast forward to Tuesday...
Patty does not go in to work. She goes to see the school district's nurse practitioner. Ms. Nurse doesn't want to call it strep throat but gives Patty antibiotics to treat strep throat. Patty misses school on Wednesday too. Fever and throat are still bad and Patty is a good teacher so she doesn't want to get her kids sick. Patty goes to work on Thursday morning but can't make it through the day. A visit to Ms. Nurse again and Patty has better pain meds for her throat.
Prepared to brave work on Friday, Patty heads to sleep at about 9. She thinks, "One day of work isn't so bad. I have a training in the morning so it's just really the afternoon." Or so she thought. At about 10 Patty wakes up to go potty and feels that her left eye is wet and sticky. "HUH!?! Oh %#@*!!! NOT PINK EYE!!!!!!" Indeed it is pink eye. So for the third time in 4 days Patty goes to Ms. Nurse for medicine. Needless to say that Patty was ordered to go home. No training today.

And that is the story of my .5 day work week. What my principal must be thinking...Luckily, I have an amazing grade level, literacy coach (Jen) and had a great sub.


Unknown Mami said...

You poor thing. I hope you feel better soon!

The Nice One said...

OH NO! I am so sorry you're so sick.
There's so many germs around our school, it's just a matter of time. ;(
Get better soon.
Love your new layout.

Amy said...

I am in the same boat. I do not have that I have a cold with maybe a touch of the flu. Not fun. Feel better.