Saturday, September 12, 2009

Side Business...Possibly

I'm thinking of putting my arts and craft talent skills attempts to good use. Back at my old school I used to make jewelry and sell it. I did pretty good. I made cute, inexpensive bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Sometimes people requested things, and sometimes they bought from my stash. I've thought about expanding and using more expensive and finer beads to create more elegant pieces.

Then there is also my second business endeavor of making greeting cards and invitations. I love, love, love to do this. I love to see people's faces when I make them a card. I love to sit and plan with people on the specifics of their invitations. I love color schemes and patterns and...ribbon, glitter, buttons, stickers. I love all of it. I will admit that I have yet to actually be paid for making invitations, but I have gotten paid for making a baby shower card.

In seriously considering this I run into a few dilemmas. When I make jewelry and cards I let the piece take me where it wants. I have to be inspired. And typically I'm making it with someone in mind so it sort of takes a shape of it's own. Making random pieces and cards will not come easy for me. Then the other problem is charging friends for things I made. I know that I need not to devalue the hard work I put into this but I don't want to seem money hungry. Yet, I am interested in making some profit. And it's quite time consuming to make a card and jewelry.

So...for any of you out there who may have already been there and done that I would appreciate your guidance, advice and tips tremendously. Or perhaps you can point me in the direction of someone. If you prefer to email me let me know and I will gladly correspond like that.

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Unknown Mami said...

You are not being money hungry by charging for your work. You put time, effort, and creativity into it.