Monday, January 21, 2008

This Girl Hits The Town

Since moving home from San Antonio I hadn't been out. I mean really out. I put on my "night" make-up, put on my more "adult" looking outfit, and traded in my giant purse for a smaller, going-out type. I was looking good and feeling good.

I must admit that after our first stop I was ready to call it a night. The first place my friend Sandra and I tried was not the greatest. We both felt so out of place. The crowd there was too young for a couple of old ladies. However, the second place we tried was just right. The crowd was average, there was enough seating, and food and drinks. Yet the best part was the DJ. He was fabulous. Somehow he had the t.v.'s in the entire place connected and whatever song he played, the video showed. Several times he played a song I just wanted to jump up and dance.

As I was sitting there I was thinking about the power of music. A bunch of songs the DJ played took me back to a certain place in my life. The power of music to trigger a memory always amazes me. Here is a list of songs I heard tonight and the memory it triggered.

  1. The Power by Snap: The first time a boy ever asked me to dance and I said yes.
  2. Good Vibrations by Marky Mark: My crazy New Kid on the Block obsession. I also think it was the first time I though a guy was "hot".
  3. Rompe by Daddy Yankee: One of two songs that can make me dance regardless of what mood I'm in. The other is Move Ya Body by Nina Sky
There were so many others but these stand out the most in my mind. So if any of you have any songs that trigger a certain memory, please share!


Jen said...

I am glad you fun last night! You really did have a good birthday week!!

I too went through a New Kids on The Block Stage! How funny!

And look at you, you little blogger! Already coming up with questions for other bloggers to answer! I am going to think about what music triggers my memories!! It's so true music really does trigger memories!! Oh and I'll have to show you a cool website that you can add little music players to your posts so people can hear the songs your are referring too! It's pretty cool!!

If I haven't told you before, I am SOOOOO glad you're a blogger!!

ortiz said...

I love music...I love the way music makes me feel. Most of the songs that I hear remind me of my clubbing days. I sound old. I think it has been at least a year since I last time I went out to a club. I had a great time because I was with my love. It has been at least four years that I have been clubbing where I dance, drink, drink and dance. I was going to say I miss that but I don't. I am old....