Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Russell Girl

Every 6 weeks to 2 months I look forward to the Hallmark movies on CBS. Today I looked forward to The Russell Girl. Even though I know I'm going to cry through the entire 2 hour movie I still wait in anticipation for each Hallmark movie. Like I've mentioned before I'm a sentimental gal. In a way I relate to each movie in some small way.
Many of us out there believe in karma. I am a big believer in the saying "what goes around comes around". Every time something goes wrong I wonder what I did to deserve that. I have to say that I related to The Russell Girl for many reasons, karma being just one of them. I hope I can convince more people to watch Hallmark movies. I think everyone can relate to them in some way.
I know what some of you may be thinking. How can this girl who loves sports, watches the Girls Next Door, enjoys eating at Hooters, and hates to wear dresses be such a crybaby? I guess I'm a tomboy girlie girl!
I've always been able to be really good
friends with guys. I thought it was just my charming personality. Apparently it's because I'm a tomboy girlie girl. As my friend Yoly said two weeks ago: Hey, want to go to the movies? Oh wait, you don't like girlie movies. WHAT? I love girlie movies but I'm picky about them. However, I do love a good action or sports movie.
Well here's picture of the movie that started me rambling.


Jen said...

It was a good movie! I am glad I watched it with you(Sort of!) Who says you can't be a tomboy AND a girlie girl?!

Patty said...

It was great watching it with you. I love those kinds of movies.