Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wa Ha Ha Ha!!!

Raise your hand if you watched the Super Bowl? Raise your hand if you were going for the Giants? Me, me, me! I am over that moon that the Giants beat the Patriots. I hoped for it but had my doubts. I can't relay how nervous I was when Eli was working his magic with one minute left. It was strange how nervous I was considering my team wasn't playing. In fact the Giants beat my team the Cowboys. But sometimes your dislike for one team makes you join forces with an unlikely team. So congrats to the Giants and boo hoo to the Patriots. Tom Brady is nice to look at but those Patriots were always so smug about it all. Who cares if you have a perfect season if you can't win the grand prize. Now with the end of football season I can put all my concentration towards my San Antonio Spurs. Here's hoping they have a better second half to their season!

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