Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Little Coach

Apparently the teacher I had my eye on at school is known as the little coach. One of girls at work said: "What's the little coach's name?" And she put out her arms on the table about a foot and a half apart from each other. Like he's really that small. Of course I instantly knew who she was talking about but I have to play dumb. And just to clarify he's taller me but small for a guy. I hope he never reads this, though. Some people consider height a sensitive issue.

On a different note, Tony Parker has returned for his second game. And Manu continues to dominate each game. I keep hearing "vintage Manu" to describe his skills. He is a consistent player who plays fantastic. And what can I say? Another game where he scores over 40 points. Woo hoo!


Jen said...

"What's name of the little coach?" That was pretty funny!! I knew you were probably dying inside!!

Patty said...

It cracked me up. He is kinda little. Well compared to her.