Sunday, April 20, 2008

Half Day Friday

Friday our district had a half day release for students and teachers. On a typical weekend I head home and just veg out and relax. This time Jen and I had lunch with my other friend from work. I'm really glad that the 3 of us are getting along because I love hanging out with both of them. I pigged out and had a drink.
After lunch we headed over to Michael's. I'm completely obsessed with arts and crafts. I love to do them all the time and and I'll try anything. And I guess I'm somewhat good at them. Poor Jen. I can spend hours at any arts and crafts store. And I've often wished to open my own business and do all sorts of stuff. I would bake, make jewelry, knit, make invitations, and anything else that comes my way. So, as I continue my craft obsession, I'll have to post some pictures of what I do.

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Jen said...

It was a fun afternoon! I really enjoyed it! I am not sure why you said poor Jen, I really had a good time!! You are good at crafts and yes you need to post some pictures here so the world can see how talented you are!!