Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Almost Playoffs Time

Not sure if y'all have noticed but the excitement is starting to build again. Starting April 19th, the NBA Playoffs will begin. It is certain that the Spurs made it into the playoffs however, it is still unknown what place they will come in and who they will face in the first round.

Statistically since it is an odd year the Spurs should win. Yet they are playing without Manu so I don't know. But I'm hopeful. They have heart and they definitely have the experience. I'm putting my money on them. And I'll be wearing my jersey pins proudly!!!


Update: Not sure what the deal is but why, oh why TNT Playoffs commercial, do you rarely play the one with the Spurs in it?

Oh and the playoffs start on the 18th. Not sure the exact date the Spurs start!


Amy said...

Yeah for your Spurs. Those pins are way cute. Have a great day.

Bonnie said...

I'll root for the Spurs just for you!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I still don't know who the Spurs are... hubs says NBA means something about basketball. :) Good luck to your team, though!

Lana said...

Yeah.. I don't "do" basketball, But I hope for you that the Spurs win!!

Marie Reed said...

Go Spurs! (Clapping my hands and shouting!)