Friday, February 6, 2009

Help!!! Girl Scouts Cookies

I just can't help it. I always buy too many Girl Scouts Cookies. They are so delicious and I eat too many of them when I have some. This post isn't about anything important. I just want to share my love of Girl Scouts Cookies with y'all. What kind is your favorite?


Bonnie said...

I love the Samoas! Very dangerous cookies for me, because I can eat an entire box in one sitting. Fortunately for me, we haven't had anybody selling cookies at my campus this year!

Amy said...

Our little girl scout called up at 9P.M. on a school night asking us to buy again. Of course we said yes and got the peanut butter sandwich kind and thin mints. But why did she had to call so late?

Heidi said...

We bought two boxes from an old daycare family this year too. One box of the thin mints, hubbys favorite and I think the other box was a peanut butter. They're all good!