Monday, February 23, 2009

Introducing My Friend...Purse

My great friend Jen, posted this purse meme on her blog. She tagged me but hadn't had the chance to do it. So here goes.

Everyone knows I love the San Antonio Spurs. This is the purse I carry around.

So kidding! I wish. This is actually what I'm currently carrying. I actually got the Spurs reusable bag from one of my students for my birthday. Awesome gift right?

I am not into name brand purses at all. Anyone who knows me knows that I get bored very easily so I can't bear the thought of spending $200 dollars on a purse I'll change in 3 weeks. In fact this purse cost more than any purse I've ever bought. A whopping $55 at a little boutique called Francesca's in Austin. I think they have them in a lot of places but sadly not where I live. I have to say that the purse has sentimental value because like I said I bought it in Austin the same weekend I met my boyfriend for the first time.

Background Info:
We met online so we met in December for the first time. We actually began talking in October. I'm so happy he's in my life.

I actually bought two purses that day but since the rules say the purse you're carrying right now I guess I can only show you this one right now. On other blogs I've seen that people are posting the contents of their purse, which I am game for. It's a funny thing what some gals carry in their purse.

Large zebra purse: personal necessities, lens wipes, asprin, gum
Small zebra purse: lip gloss, Burt's Bees lip balm, lipstick, flavored lip balm, lotion
Pink purse: LOL! My grading and writing markers
Red textured wallet: credit cards, member cards, money
Small red wallet: insurance card, a couple of gift cards
Cupcake coin purse: all my change
Luden's throat drops: they taste like candy
Hello Kitty mirror
Old Christmas gift cards: They play music and make me happy when I play them
Cocktails for Dummies: because you never know when you'll be out and need it

Closer look at smaller items
cell phone/headphones: since Jen and I carpool and now we have Kidd Kraddick I listen to the radio in the mornings on my cell phone without bothering Jen
classroom keys
purse hook
tiny scissors
gauze and wrapping tape: I'd been nursing an infected finger

So now I'm supposed to tag other bloggers so they can share what they are carrying in their purses. I tag...

Celine over at My life, my hopes, my future

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Jen said...

Thanks for playing!! That is a really cute purse!! I like that showed the contents of your purse!! I should of done that too but honestly it would be a little scary right now!!

Celine said...

Cute purse! I love it!
Oh boy, thanks for tagging me, this is going to ask some cleaning up before I do it! LOL
My purse probably contains the most gigantic mess in the world! hahaha!

Amy said...

I did that also. It was a fun game. You sure carry a lot of stuff. Too funny.

AndreaLeigh said...

i love your purse! i listen to kid kraddick as well. love it!

happyfunpants said...

You have a purse IN a purse? Whoa. :)