Monday, October 20, 2008


Everyone that knows me knows that I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. If such a place as Christmas Town existed I would move there. I don't love it because of any one particular thing but a combination of things. First, I love the fact that it's cold and I can drink hot coffee whenever I want without getting hot. I love to bundle up in my scarf, beenie, and gloves. Some would argue that it doesn't get that cold here, but it does. Next, I love the smell in the air. It's a combination of baked goods, vanilla, firewood, and the cold. (Is that a smell? I seem to think so.) And not to mention the fact that I LOVE to decorate for the occasion. Actually, I used to decorate my house in San Antonio for all holidays but due to currentl living conditions I don't right now. I love to put up my tree decked out in whatever the theme for the year is. One year I did blue, white, and silver. The next year I did a...hmm...not sure what you would call it but it had pillow-like reindeer, santas, and gingerbread men. The third year I did a candyland theme full of sweets and color. Lastly, I love to go driving around the city looking at decorated and lit houses. I did it in San Antonio, too. Here at home I usually drive to a well-known neighborhood to gaze at their decorations. We also have our own version of the "Budweiser Christmas House". And we always take a stroll around downtown and our university. The university has something called the Season of Lights. All the trees and buildings are lit with white lights. Sadly this year there will be no Season of Lights. After 16 years it is cancelled. Damn economy!