Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Personal Day

What a day I had!!!

I should have known better than to take a personal/sick day when my nephew, Matthew, was on vacation. My two nephews go to school in the district with year round school so they were having their fall break.

I was asleep when he arrived at my house. When I woke up he wanted to play Sorry. My brother and I ordered Chinese food for lunch and even though he had eaten he wanted some too. He is a character. I took him with me when I went to pick up my prescriptions from Walgreens. He was sure to ask if we were going inside or staying outside. My sister always goes through the drive -thru to pick up their prescriptions. He was delighted to know we would have to get down. He said he loves to look in the store and right now they have their Halloween stuff. He had fun and he got a giant lollipop out of the trip.

Today I finalized my previous run in with the law. Remember back in June when I received a citation for speeding? Well I finally submitted all paperwork and I'm done with it.

Oh and what's up with the same baby throwing up on me twice? Everyone carried Horacio today and yet when they passed him to me he threw up. TWICE!

I'm happily medicated and I am definitely feeling better. Turns out I have allergies on top of a sinus infection. I'm excited to be on the path to being Little Miss Sunshine again.

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