Monday, October 20, 2008


At this moment I am watching the movie Hope Floats. And it made me women really want romance? I know that many "chick flicks" are written or directed by women for the purpose of making money off of women. But Hope Floats is not only romantic but it teaches a powerful lesson. Sandra Bullock's character (Oh and I've been to her restaurant in Austin, good but pricey. I'll save my stand on expensive things for another time.) gets cheated on by her husband. Although not everyone has experienced this kind of betrayal I'm sure we've experienced it in some way. It takes Bullock's character almost the entire movie to realize that her fear of losing her husband made her change who she was. She was a strong, opinionated, and captivating person but somewhere along the way she became whatever she thought her husband wanted. She became complacent, clingy, and a push over. She is sad and broken and it takes Harry Connick Jr.'s character to have her believe in herself. I'm not a big fan of the man (or woman) that saves the day, but I do believe that sometimes it takes another person to mend us. I think this person can be a family member or a really great friend, or every once in a while it is a romantic companion.
I have to admit that I'm the kind of girl that likes a sweet man. I do want a guy that can be romantic but not to the point that he would be considered more girlie than me. I guess that's the girlie girl tomboy in me. I LOVE tomboy things like watching sports, eating pizza and chicken wings, going to movies with violence (hello 300 and Sin City), to girlie stuff like watching romantic movies in bed and baking. I love romance. But it's not what you can give me that shows romance. It's what you say and do. I've talked to many a women who agree. What's the saying? Flowers say I'm sorry, chocolate says I love you. I rather hear the words I'm sorry or I love you. But...every one in a while some flowers wouldn't hurt. So all you fellas out there...send your wife or girlfriends some flowers to work. Not for their birthday or Valentine's. Send them just because.

It's the holiday season and it usually puts people in a really good mood.

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