Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Poor Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have taken another blow today with the suspension of Adam "Pacman" Jones. Not that this comes as a surprise since Jones does have a history of bad behavior. And owner, Jerry Jones, said that he hates that this is impacting the Cowboys negatively. I'm thinking then why did they even trade for him? He's bad news. Cowboy lovers everywhere were devastated to hear that QB, Tony Romo would be out with a broken pinkie and that the punter (whatever his name is) is out the rest of the season. How will we go on?
Finding some humor in the situation I've noticed that everytime the Cowboys lose a house down the street flies it's Dallas Cowboy's flag at half staff. I guess they're in mourning about it. I took a picture of it. Today is quite a winding day so it's not the best picture. I'll try again tomorrow.

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