Thursday, October 16, 2008


According to state law all Texas school districts are requiring most of their employees to be fingerprinted. I was fortunate enough to get fingerprinted. I'm not sure that is the proper way to say it. Well needless to say that some young guy was doing it. At first he didn't look at all friendly and sometimes I can be so airheadish. I handed him my FastPass, which meant that I didn't have to pay to be fingerprinted. Then we had to fill out all this information about ourselves like eye and hair color, height, and weight (boo hoo). Oh yeah, and they wanted me to write what my skin tone was. WHAT??? Skin tone? I wanted to write pasty or pale, but I knew better. So I waited or the fingerprinting person to help me with that.
Before I continue I have to mention that the fingerprinting was located in my "brother's" class. I say brother because Jen says we pick on each other like brother and sister. So of course he was going to add unpleasantness to my experience. J is also the same guy that I bet the Spurs would be the Suns in April. I won of course.
On with the story. I mentioned I didn't fill out that part and handed him my pink pen. I turned to talk to J and when I turned back to look at the fingerprinting guy he was staring at me holding my pen out to me. Apparently he wanted my ID so he could check it against the FastPass. Ha, what a dork. AND to my horror I didn't fill out the weight part. YIKES!!! Then the whole time he was putting my hand on the machine he kept saying "relax your hand." First of all he's a stranger and secondly this machine can make a mistake and say I'm a delinquent. Everytime the machine scanned my fingers I started at his computer. Oh and then when he was doing my right hand he asked me to stand towards him. Uncomfortably close. And the whole time J is yacking away about how the guy needs to watch out for me because I'm such trouble. The most embarrassing, yet funny part of the whole thing was when he again asked me to relax my hands. I was too worried because some red spots were showing up on my prints. I then asked him what the red spots were. He said not to worry about the spots to worry if the box next to that ever went below 75% then I should worry. So the snappy thinker I am I said, "Oh I always pass everything!" He then went on to take my pinkie finger and sloppily move it against the scanner. Then he said: "I bet you didn't pass that one." Sure enough I didn't. Lucky for me he did it again and I did pass. Hopefully he erased the first score. I'd really like to keep my job.

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