Friday, December 12, 2008

The Conclusion

I just wanted to update everyone on the last two days of secret santa. On Thursday I got the cutest mug from Starbucks. It has a black top and handle and slivery, glittery, clear color to it. I got this because I love the San Antonio Spurs. Today was the reveal day. I got a really cute card with a gift card to Starbucks. I have to say that this was the best secret santa I've ever had. My class and I were all so excited to find out who my secret santa was.


John said...

Tonight both teams from the Southwest Division had big night for themselves. A big shout out to the Big 3s from Spurs and the Rockets. Looks like we finally have a great rival for the Lakers in the West. Though it may be a bit too early to predict such things, I’ll just keep my faith in both teams.

The Spurs were once again riding on their ace on the bench. When Manu gets in he just never stops delivering. Basket after basket and he makes it look so simple. The energy that he brought today was truly remarkable.

As a fan of Argentina’s basketball, I was more happy to hear about another Texas side big performance. The Rockets were just too much for the Warriors who had no answer against them.

They might have tried to stop T-Mac but there was Yao. They might have tried to stop Yao but they forgot there was Scola.

I’ll leave you to check out preview from today’s NBA action, especially on the Spurs/Wolves and Rockets/Warriors game. Then you can share your feedback with us. Will truly appreciate it.

Amy said...

So who was your secret Santa?
Was is Jen???

Patty said...

No it wasn't Jen. That would have been really cool although kind of hard. Our grade level did a gift exchange last year and I had Jen's name. She figured it out because I didn't ask her go to shopping with me for my secret santa.

It was actually our school's literacy coach. She is so sweet and has been very helpful in my transition from a "TAKS" teacher to a primary teacher.