Sunday, December 7, 2008

Little 'Ol Me....

I want to thank Amy and Bonnie for giving me this award. They have become such great buddies of mine.

I actually met Bonnie in person on my birthday last year. She and Jen had class together. Jen wanted to treat me to dinner so I tagged along as they met before class. I'm sure glad to have gotten to know Bonnie better through her blog. And it is so true that we share many similar interests and ideas. So cheers to my tomboy buddy. And thanks a lot for the award.

I started reading Amy's blog because of Jen. I've come to really enjoy it because of Amy's love and appreciation of family. I too am very close to my family. And I think Alyce is too cute. I also feel that I know Amy a lot better because Jen tells me stories about when y'all were little. So thanks Amy for the award.

The rules for this award are that you must list 5 of your addictions and then give the award to five other people.
Tell these people about their award by leaving a comment for them on their blog.

My Addictions
Laughing: I can make anything into a joke. I find the humor in EVERYTHING, which can get me into trouble.

Celebrity Gossip: Because what Britney did over the weekend is really important.

San Antonio Spurs: Woo hoo!!! Go Spurs Go!!! I guess Manu Ginobili should be a category on his own but I'll include him here. I.LOVE.Manu.

Harry Potter: This boy wizard totally won my heart over. Technically Harry Potter is about a year younger than me. The books take place in the 90's rather than when they were released so it's okay for me to love him.

Arts and Crafts: I will attempt to make anything and everything. When I see invitations, greeting cards or jewelry the wheels in my head start turning. My thought: "Why buy something you can make yourself?" So I refuse to and make it myself. Next on the crafting plate...stamps. But some are sooo pricey.

And the award goes too....(drum roll please)
1. Jen: The gal that got me into this whole mess so I guess I would never have received this award without her. Jen has put up with so much of my attitude, drama, and excitement that she deserves this award and many others. Oh and not my attitude necessarily but I can be temperamental when someone rubs me the wrong way.

2. Heidi: I'm glad to have crossed paths with her. She is so giving with her time and it inspires me to do the same.

3. Anne: Without even knowing it she has come to the rescue with her witty posts and great sense of humor. I love reading her blog.

Don't have too many blogging friends so I pick you and you again.

4. Bonnie: What can I say? You crack me up. I love to read your blog. You are funny and deep. A really great balance.

5. Amy: I love to hear Alyce's point of view and how your life is so complete with her in it. You are a wonderful mother.

I'm so happy for all of you! I love to read your blogs and get to know you better.


Jen said...


Thanks for the award! I think you and your blog are pretty fabulous too! The things you said were so sweet!! I love how we've become so close this year! Even when we are cranky and everything!! I guess that's what true friendship is all about!!

Love ya!!


Heidi said...

Thanks for the award!! I am thankful that we have started to get to know each other by reading our blogs!

Amy said...

What the Spurs are not number 1???

Thank you so much for the award. That was very kind of you. I am glad we have meet and are able to learn about each other through blogging. Thanks for the nice comment about Alyce and I.