Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Secret Santa

Every year I've been a teacher I have always participated in Secret Santa. I love to give gifts and I should be honest that I love to receive them too. The only sad thing was that this year only about 15 people signed up to do Secret Santa. I think a lot of us are feeling our pocket books tighten. When we sign up we fill out a sheet with our favorite things. Each day is has a differnet category. Monday: sweet treats; Tuesday: teacher tools; Wednesday: hobbies; Thursday: favorite color or sports team (hmmm what team did I pick?); Friday: gift card to favorite restaurant or store.

My Secret Santa is the best. I have gotten the best gifts. I feel so spoiled. And my kids get so excited to watch me open my gifts. This is what I have received so far. Monday: 2 giant chocolate bars, one mr. Goodbar and a Hershey's with almonds; Tuesday: big, lined, multi-sticky pads, 5 pack of pens, and a correction pen; Wednesday: many, many beautiful beads, scrapbooking paper, card stock backgrounds, and stickers.

I'll update what I get on the final two days as they happen. What can I say? I love Secret Santa!!!


Heidi said...

Very cool! Can't wait to hear what else you get!

Amy said...

That is so fun. I also enjoyed doing that. Then finding out who your Secret Santa is. I would always try and guess. I almost got it right once.