Monday, December 15, 2008

Mr. Kitty aka Optimus Prime, Santa Baby, Octopus, Bad Kitty, Jinxy

A couple of weeks ago my dad was cooking out for family night. On this night a stray kitten came to hang out. My mom loves cats. She's taken care of her share of fuzzy critters but her numbers have dwindled. My niece Vanessa begged us all night to take him in. All of us said no for different reasons. Yet the kitty seemed to adopt us. So now we have a cute, sweet, crazy, and mischeivious kitten living with us.
He has no official name. I wanted to call him Edward or Jinxy. Vanessa, wanted to call him Santa Baby, and my brother wanted to call him Optimus Prime. Needless to say that he still has no name. So I've come to call him Mr. Kitty and my nephews call him Optimus (my four year old niece called him Octopus thinking it was the same as Optimus). And Vanessa still can't decide. So I guess he better respond to all of them.
Mr. Kitty is very, very bad. Just today he tried to trip me, almost tore my favorite shirt, attacked my trash can, made a mess with the toilet paper, and tried to use my laptop. Bad Mr.Kitty! Ha it reminds me of that book Bad Kitty. So cute. But you've got to love him.

Update: Mr. Kitty attacked my foot again. Bad Kitty. I was on my way to get some banana-nut bread I baked yesterday. He must want it all for himself.

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Patty said...

Oh Mr. Kitty sounds like a handful. Ha, kidding! I thought it would be funny to be the first comment on my own blog.