Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not Again

So my perfect class has one flaw. They are NOT Spurs fans. When I mention the Spurs the boys in my class roll their eyes. They even say, "Not again!" Most of them have their own favorite team so they don't follow MY team. Every year I'm able to win some kids over and make them Spurs fans but not this year. And not even the fact that my co-teacher follows the Spurs helps win them over. What can I do?

So picture this...I am reading a book to my class. I want my kids to enter the Kids Can Be Authors Contest through Scholastic. Students write and illustrate their own book. Well I've been reading different books that have won before. The kids really like them. I read one where students wrote about a farm that became the place where their school was built. It was very sweet. After the book I talked about possible subjects for a book the class could write. I said that you can write about something you really love. I did a think aloud with the kids.

Me: "What is something I love?" (I actually thought of mac and cheese but I couldn't write a book about that. My next thought was the Spurs.) "I know. I love the Spurs. I would write about them."

J: points to his mouth with both hands "I knew you were going to say that with that little mouth of yours?"

The whole class cracked up including me. But of course I didn't back down. (FYI: J is a New England Patriots fan.)

Me: "Yes, I'm going to write about the Spurs. That's my idea!"

So today my class started brain-storming their own idea for a book. I started my Spurs story. Jen had a great idea that I should keep every part of my story so that I can show my kids (present and future) that you have to work hard at writing something good. It isn't perfect the first time. So I'll share my process with y'all. Of course the kids can't take my idea. But it would have been nice if they chose to write about the Spurs.

I can picture it. It would win, I could send the Spurs Organization a copy, then they would invite us all to one of their games, we would meet the team down on center court, I would lock eyes with Manu, he would want to marry me. Kidding...he's already married. But just meeting the Spurs team would've been amazing.

Wishful thinking! Hope my kids end up loving my story.


Heidi said...

Haha! Don't you just love the things the kids say!?! The young authors contest is a very cool idea!

Amy said...

Good luck with your book. Let us know how it turns out.

Patty said...

I will keep y'all posted as far as what we do.