Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Movies

Even though I love holiday movies I don't exactly rush out to see many (with the exception of Elf, but that's hilarious). Yet this year I'm in a movie type of mood so I thought I'd post a list of movies I'm interested in watching this holiday season.

  1. Twilight: Yup I want to see it over and over and over.
  2. Nothing Like the Holidays: The previews remind me of my family.
  3. The Spirit: I loved 300 and Sin City so I know I'm going to love this movie.
  4. Seven Pounds: I'm so curious what Will Smith's mission is.
  5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: I wonder how this love story will end.
What movie are y'all looking forward to watching this holiday season?


Amy said...

I also want to see Benjamin Button. It looks wonderful.
I so want to see Marley and Me.

Who knows if I will get to see these because I have to find someone to watch Alyce. I know when I go home Nana and Papa can watch her.

I left something on my blog page for you. Go and check it out.

Bonnie said...

I want to see Four Christmases. I hear it's very funny. I also want to go see "Twilight" again since I've only seen it once.

I also left something for you on my blog.