Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy Girl Loves Her Markers

Yeah, yeah, yeah these markers have been around forever but I'm in love with them. They are those thin paper mate markers. Last year I bought some and graded papers with them. I love them because they don't bleed through the paper.

Before continuing with my story I have to say that I still use the old fashioned calendars. The ones you have to write in. I do not have a Blackberry, IPhone, or Palm Pilot. I have a calendar on my cell phone but I use it to remind me to watch tv shows and Spurs games. I am a very colorful person. I actually color code things in my calendar. I have a color for personal stuff, PTA stuff, work stuff, classroom stuff, health and recreation, and AP stuff. I also write down what I've worn each day and since Jen and I carpool I keep track of that because I would hate for Jen to drive more than me. I want to be completely fair.

On Saturday I bought a pack of 8 markers. I really wanted a red marker but this pack didn't have one. Of course I got it anyway. I came home happy because now I had 8 colors. (Two of them I already had.)

Jen so graciously took me to make a payment at Lane Bryant. I ran across the shopping mall to Target because I needed to buy ink. I also had to by a small pencil case so I could carry my markers around in my purse. While in the pen/pencil isle at Target I thought they didn't have any of those markers. Honestly, all I wanted was a red one but no...Jen went and found me a pack of 50. Kidding it was a pack of 16. Now remember that I just bought 8 on Saturday. Yet I bought this pack too because there were even more colors I didn't have. I didn't find a pencil case, instead I bought a make-up purse that will fit in my regular purse. So now I have 16 new markers to carry in my purse, 8 to leave at school for when I grade and write notes, and 2 for my house.

I love paper mate markers!!!


Bonnie said...

Hi! My name is Bonnie and I'm a pen and marker addict! Seriously though, I don't think I have ever tried the paper mate markers. You say they don't bleed through? I'll have to run out and get some.

Heidi said...

Nice to meet a fellow color coder!! My desk calendar has a color for each of my daycare families, a color for early school outs or other schedule changes, and another color for ballgames we are going to! K thinks I'm crazy, but I know what's going on, and many times he's come to me asking if we can plan this or that wondering what is going on that day!

Amy said...

Oh my Gosh I thought I was the only one around who did not have a blackberry, i phone, or palm pilot.

I go and print out a calendar each month from my computer. I put either stickers or clip art all around. Then I write in pretty colors. I will have to go and get some "thin paper mate markers"

Thanks for the post.

Patty said...

Yay! I'm so happy that I'm in good company. I too have tons of markers and sharpies. Jen used to come over and borrow them all the time. I think she has some now. Also, when I write with any markers I have to have a pattern to the madness. For example, write in purple and outline and number in green.

Also, I tend to partner up colors according to sports teams. I hardly use yellow and purple together. Boo Lakers!!!!

Jen said...

And you all are my friends???


I am some what of a color coded wanna be! I like the all the pretty colors, and I like the idea of getting organized so I'll start with good intentions and but then it just fizzles! It doesn't matter if it's on paper or digital I just don't keep up with it!

I do like markers and I would have to say the papermate markers are the best!! I think I actually had them before Patty!!

Oh and yes, Patty, Bonnie is up there with you on the marker thing!! She always bailed me out when I couldn't find a pen in class!! Unlike you she always offered me one!! Heehee!!