Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ha Ha Ha!!!

Last night I spent the night over at my sister's house. My nephews love for me to spend the night even though they don't really hang out with me much when I'm there. Odd! Today we went to see the movie Get Smart with Steve Carell. It was a cute movie and pretty funny at times.
Spoiler Alert!

At the end of the movie my nephew, Matthew, asked my sister and I: "So did the guy that looks like Obama die?" We were puzzled so we further questioned him: "Which guy are you talking about?" He went on to say that the actor Dwayne Johnson looked like Obama to him. If y'all knew Matthew you would know that he has a dark and strange sense of humor. This was just too funny. That crazy kid.


Jen said...

That is pretty funny!! I am sure your nephews will have fond memories of you spending the night with them!! So FUN!!

Don't you just LOVE Summer!?!

Patty said...

I do love summer. I have truly been enjoying it.