Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The New Me

Yesterday I received a text from my cousin. Mary, inviting me to go listen to her brother's (also my cousin) band play. I must admit that at first I wanted to say no. I'm such a homebody and most days I prefer to just stay home. However, as part of the new me I decided to head out for the evening and to my surprise I loved it. So my cousin plays jazz music, which is not at all on my list of favorites, but it was nice.
I feel a little background is in order because my cousin, Mary, is my favorite and closest cousin. She is a year younger than me and we always spent the night at each other's houses. One of my greatest memories includes Mary, me and that Wilson Phillips song "Hold On". We used to walk down the sidewalk in her neighborhood and pretend we were Wilson Phillips on that video. We were missing one girl but we didn't care.
Fast forward to now and we're still close. So I'm so glad she dragged me out. And guess what? I'm going out tomorrow, too! This was actually planned before so it was partly another reason I didn't want to go out today. Tomorrow I'm heading out to see my famous cousin play at a local restaurant.
Two nights in a row. Who is this new Patty?

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Jen said...

Sounds fun!! Boy you have a lot of talented Cousins!! Oh and don't forget about our girls night last Sunday night!! You really are a wild a crazy girl!!