Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fresh Flip Flop Find - Day 2

Join the fun! Read all about our FFFF Scavenger Hunt here!

Hello again! I'm so excited to share my three featured bloggers for day 2 of the FFFF Scavenger Hunt.
Today's question is: Which one of the featured bloggers is a bargain hunter? She bought a pink pedometer for only $6.00 at Target. Way to go! Hope you enjoy your walks!!!

On a different note. I finally have the chance to post a picture of the bracelet and earrings that I made and will be giving away. If you win them and don't like them you can always re-gift them.


Jen and Rob said...

Would that be Rebecca Jo from Knit by God's Hand? I love this scavenger hunt idea!

Anonymous said...

Those earrings and necklace are beautiful!!!!

And the counter is Rebecca Jo's!

Bonnie said...

Hey Patty,

Rebecca Jo from "Knit By God's Hand" is the person who bought the pretty pink pedometer from Target for $6.00.

Having fun reading the featured blogs, and can't wait to see who is featured tomorrow. Hope you're enjoying your Spring Break!

Amy said...

Hi Patty,

Yesterday when I played along I did it so wrong. I thought you and Jen had the same people and question. I was so worried about others things I did not read it right. Sorry about that okay here is the answer for today.

I found the cutest Pedometer marked down on clearance for $6.00!!!
Then person who said this was:Rebecca Jo.

jewelryandgiftsbyrebecca said...

The girl with the awesome name...Rebecca, bought the pedometer. (I also gave her a clue about why coffee is great)
I'm having a blast at this, who cares if I win!

Janet and Maya said...

The answer (drum roll please) is Rebecca Jo from Knit By God's Hand has a pedometer from Target.

This if fun!

Thanks so much for introducing me to some great bloggers.

Rebecca Jo said...

FUN!!! Thanks for featuring me today... its been fun to have new people visit!

Christina said...

Rebecca Jo was the bargain huntin' lady who scored the pedometer. Good for her!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca Knit By God's Hand bought the new pedometer.