Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fresh Flip Flop Find-Day 6 (Brought to you by Jen)

Hi everyone, this is Jen from Following the Footsteps! I am holding down the fort here at Little Miss Sunshine's blog while Patty is on vacation this week for Spring Break!! I am excited to be her guest blogger today while she's unable to get Internet access!!

I want to personally thank all of Patty's readers for joining our Bloggity game this week! We have had so much fun and I just love this community that has been established this week!! I hope even after tomorrow, our last and final day of FFFF, we continue to read and support each other through comments!! I guess I better get to why I am here today.....Our featured bloggers!!

Mom to Bee

A Duck in Her Pond

Seriously Too-Weight For it

Day 6's question: Which featured blogger is an inspiration to her co-workers to work harder at winning their school's "Biggest Loser" Competition?

Patty will be back tomorrow for the final day Fresh Flip Flop Find! Happy Searching Everybody!!


jewelryandgiftsbyrebecca said...

That would be Bonnie from Seriously too-weight for it

(she's funny)

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

It's Bonnie at Seriously Too: Weight for it. I love her spirit as she goes through this journey!

Bonnie said...

Boy this one was tough!!! Ha! Ha! I know, I know, it's meeeeee! I'm the inspiration that is causing the competition to go wild!!! Thanks for featuring my blog today!

Amy said...

Wow, It was nice to have Jen around today. The answer to today's question is
Bonnie at Seriously too- weight. Boy has she lost so weight. She is sure giving her co-workers a run for it The Biggest Loser.

The Blonde Duck said...

Thanks for featuring me!

Christina said...

Bonnie over at Seriously Too: Weight for it is inspiring chick! And, truly, I'm inspired. What a cool blog.

Mimi said...

It's Bonnie at Seriously Too-Weight For It.

Anonymous said...

Seriously too weight for it. She talks about her weight loss.