Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fresh Flip Flop Find Day - 5

Don't miss out! The FFFF Scavenger Hunt is almost over. Find out how to join the fun here!

Here we are on Day 5 of our scavenger hunt. I've really enjoyed getting to know and meet some awesome women. All the featured blogs have been such a delight to read. And I'm so sorry if I haven't gotten to you. I've read so many I've loved that I haven't been able to feature.

Without any further delay my featured bloggers today are:
Day 5's question is: Which featured blogger loves scrapbooking, San Francisco, Sex and the City, shoes, shopping, the number seven and St. Patrick's Day? Hmmmm, I wonder why everything she loves starts with the letter S. Ha, ha!


Christina said...

Oohhh, ooohhh, it's me, it's me!!! :) Thanks for featuring my blog! This is super fun.

Bonnie said...

Christina from "Men in England Would Love You!" played the letter game and got my favorite letter!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Christina from Men in England would Love You! She's funny. :)

Mimi said...

Christina is today's answer!

jewelryandgiftsbyrebecca said...

Hummm, maybe she thinks S is Sassy..
It's from Christina. I love her blog. I've visited several times.
(cute story about why "men in england would love [her])"

Anonymous said...

Men in England Would Love You. Under the post about S.

Amy said...

Hope you are having a fun time with Matt. When do you come back?

Here is my answer: It is Christina at Men in England would love you.

I have been to her place before great site.

Dianna said...

That's Christina, from Men in England would Love you!
I LOVE her post about things she's seen .. you honestly cannot make this stuff up!!

Jen and Rob said...

Christina from Men in England Would Love You.