Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Birthday Invitations

I've managed to guilt Jen into offering to help me make my birthday invitations. Kidding! Jen would have offered anyway. I asked Jen to help me after school because I have a much better working space there. We met in my classroom. Unfortunately I was called into a parent conference (yes, after school) so I went to that. As I was leaving the classroom Jen shouted: "You want me to get started?" My response: "No, Jen."
When I came back I found Jen wasting time on my computer. Kidding! I told her not to do anything. I showed Jen my blueprints for the different types of invitations. A few seemed a little complicated so she was nervous. I gave her a choice of things she could help me with. I sort of chuckled because she gave me a reluctant look. Almost like she was afraid to touch anything. Then Jen says: "I'm afraid to mess it up. You are so particular and I don't want to mess up your invitations." I have to thank Jen for putting it so nicely. I am particular. My family would say I want it my way all the time. I was able to give Jen a job she was comfortable with...tracing a shape so that I can then cut it. These are the jobs Jen turned down: gluing down the paper on the card and cutting out what she traced. Jen went on to give me suggestions of people who would be great at helping me because they also are detailed and particular. Oh and here are some of Jen's questions: "How many do you want to make? and When do you want to send these out?"
Well guess what Jennifer? You are stuck helping me. And...I thank you so much.


Jen said...

You make me sound like a SLACKER!! But see I am going to be a great administrator! I know how to delegate!! Ha!!!

Actually I was a little out of it and not up to par and honestly I didn't want to mess anything up!! I promise to be a better help next time!

Oh and your welcome!!

Amy said...

When is the party? I hope you take pictures of "Birthday Invitations" I would love to see it.

Oh yeah can I come......????? J/K

Heidi said...

Sounds like you guys had alot of fun together!