Saturday, November 8, 2008

This Weekend

Thankfully the district I work for gave us Veteran's Day off. So this weekend I have a three-day weekend. I have some major things I'd like to accomplish this weekend. And I have a few birthdays to celebrate.

Things Patty is doing this three-day weekend:
  • Clean up and organize my bedroom: How did this mess even happen?
  • Watch football, football, and more football: At least the Cowboys can't lose this weekend.
  • Go to church and pray for the health of the San Antonio Spurs: Notice I'm not praying for them to win. It'll be if it's meant to but I do want them to be healthy.
  • Attend various birthday parties for my twin cousins and niece: Yummy cake and pizza. I love birthdays!
  • Hang out with Jen: Since we're off on Monday we have to celebrate it somehow.
  • SLEEP, SLEEP, and more SLEEP: I'm so tired...
  • Hopefully something unexpected: Not sure what but I hope something spontaneous and unexpected a good way.
  • Reflect and remember all who are currently in or have served in our Armed Forces: This is, after all, why we have a three-day weekend.
So here's to a Happy Veteran's Day weekend, everyone!!!


Amy said...

What do you mean by this?

"Hopefully something unexpected, Not sure what but I hope something sporadic and unexpected happens in a good way"

Have a great long weekend. Get some sleep for me.

You made it through a week of blogging way to go.

Patty said...

I guess I want some kind of a surprise or something. I want something good to happen this weekend that I haven't planned.

Bonnie said...

Our district didn't give us the day off, so I had to take a personal day to come to Arizona for the races. It seems like our districts always give different days off. I remember last year when Jen and I were taking classes we never seemed to have the same holidays off.

Patty said...

Well I rather have a week off for Thanksgiving than Veteran's Day but I guess I should be grateful for what I get.