Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Free Coffee

Apparently if you voted today you got a tall cup of coffee from Starbucks. Jen, her hubby and I made it to Starbucks but I didn't feel like a warm cup of coffee. So I ordered one of my favorites: White Chocolate Mocha Frappucino. Yummy!
I did manage to make it out to vote. I was able to walk in and vote. No lines.
Back in the summer I sent in my registration form. I never received my card so I assumed that I wasn't registered. Then it hit me...maybe my card never came but I am registered. I must admit that I didn't really want to go vote. I was just being lazy. But my dad guilted me into going. And my 18 year old niece was going so I felt like I should be a good role model. And as it turns out I was registered and I voted.


Amy said...

Glad you went out and voted. I so wanted Starbucks today but I did not make it there. It is far away from my house and Alyce took an extra long nap today. Which is totally fine. Maybe another day :)

Bonnie said...

I'm glad you were able to vote and be a good role model for your niece. Spencer wished he was old enough to vote, and I had to break it to him that he still wouldn't be old enough for the next presidential election since he is only 13.