Friday, November 7, 2008

Not Much Going on Here

I can't say that much occurred today. This evening I am heading to a my alma mater's high school football game to watch them play our rival school. If they win (and they are favored) they will complete their second undefeated regular season in a row. It's exciting because even though the school is not in the best area or the kids don't have a lot of things they have come together through this football program. Some of these kids will never go to college much less play football for a college or professionally, but they will always have the memory of the past two years. I'm just so proud that my barrio peeps are kicking a**.
On a completely different note. I wanted to show y'all a picture of my bruise that won't go away. I was intending to try to donate blood tomorrow but after my bruise failed to get better I decided to postpone it. I don't think they'd let me if they saw it.

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