Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Little Sad

I know many people feel strongly against others airing their dirty laundry online. However, I'm the kind of person that HATES to keep things inside. And since I've come to think of many of you as friends, well I thought I would share this bit of my personal life. Also, in case I'm not too witty or funny in the upcoming days y'all will know why.
Almost two months ago I joined a group online. Not at all with the intention of finding love or even for dating. I did it to find people that had stuff in common with me and find some online friends. This is why I didn't join those online match-making sites. I honestly wasn't looking for a man.
A few days later I came across a few people that I wasn't sure where they lived. Texas is a huge state so I always like to learn about new places. So I started communicating with a man. (Yeah, yeah, I know that I should have known that long distance relationships don't work.) At first it was very friendly but then things just clicked and it became more. I want to spare everyone all the details (except Jen, sorry), but I'm afraid things have not gone well lately. And so now I'm a little bit sad about it.
But I have to say...and I've been meaning to comment on Happy Fun Pants' blog that I'm still hopelessly optimistic. Not about this particular man but in general. If we lost all hope what would we be left with? My advice to anyone wanting to try online dating is to go for it.
So please bare with me if I'm not myself for a few days. But ya know I thrive and live off of humor. It's me. And it's sort of my medicine. And I think it's time I start looking into other hobbies and possibly volunteering my time. I've actually already looked into a couple of places so I should just make the call.
Thanks y'all for listening and I can't wait to be myself again.


Jen said...

I am sorry you are sad! You tried and it just wasn't meant to be!! At least you are not bitter and giving up! I am proud of you and I think you did the right thing!

Amy said...

I thought of you today when I was out shopping. I saw all kinds of cup cake things for your Christmas tree. Alyce held one of them all the way through the store and finally threw it out right before we left.

I hope you are not feeling too blue. I did the on line dating thing before I met my husband. I met someone and we totally hit it off at least I thought we did. It did not work out but I still kept an open mind about things. I did have fun dating on line and meeting new people.

Keep your head high and go get a Starbacks or a cup cake. Hey, Jen may take you. I would if I lived close by.

Patty said...

Thanks girls. I'll be fine. Everything happens for a reason.

Ginger said...

Sorry to hear about the dating trouble. Ick. I don't miss those days.

But I love that you are optimistic in that you are looking to spend your time helping others. That's LOVELY and says a lot about your character!

Heidi said...

So sorry that things are looking a bit down right now. I know that things will get better, much better, just not so much fun right now. Hugs!

Bonnie said...

It's great that you have such a positive attitude about things. This will help you get through it a lot faster. Just take your time and enjoy life.