Monday, November 3, 2008

So Many Things to Say Today

I have so many things to share today that I will have to do a 3 in 1 post. Here goes...

Yummy! Egg Nog!
On Halloween it was brought to my attention that egg nog is now being sold. We were at my sister's house celebrating the holiday. Lucky for me my dad bought some today and I just had my first glass of the delicious concoction. Egg nogg is not for everyone but it's definitely for me. It also reminds me of the holidays that are quickly approaching.

You're Spoiled
My friend Jen and I carpool to work. I've greatly enjoyed my drives with Jen because we get to talk about all sorts of things. Jen and I met two years ago when I started teaching at my current school, however we didn't actually become friends until last year when I joined the second grade team. Now we are inseparable and it's been a blast getting to know her and her hubby. (I call Jen and her hubby mom and dad when I'm with them. Both seem like a big brother and sister. Although thinking that your big brother and sister are married seems kinda gross. Way off topic...)
Today when Jen got to my house we saw my dad outside. I commented that I hoped my new toilet was finally installed. Then I went on to say that I haven't had to share a bathroom with anyone in 6 years. And to Jen's surprise, she realized that I currently have my own bathroom and that my parents and brother share. And in her exact words: "You're spoiled!" My response: Giggle, giggle "I know." This of course brings me to my final post.

I'm not sure...
As a single girl it often amazes me how much a person has to give that makes it sound much a person compromises when they marry or move in with another person. I know that once you find that perfect person it may come more naturally to give up some of the things you are used to. For example, sharing a bathroom. It kills me to think that I may have to do that but I suppose I can. And what about all the other things like laundry, cooking, and sharing food. I've often been satisfied in thinking I was going to be independent forever. I'm so set in my ways and I'm very particular about how I do things. However, recent events have led me to change my thinking and realize that it may not be that bad to share every once in a while. And if I should ever cross that line in the forever zone with someone then I'm pretty sure I may be able to share all the time.


Bonnie said...

My boys absolutely love eggnog, and if I'm not careful the oldest will finish the entire carton in one sitting. Being spoiled isn't that bad of a thing. I live in a house full of men (well technically two of them are still boys) who spoil me rotten. As for sharing, when you find that special someone you don't even think about the things you have to compromise. You do it willingly and find that it can be extremely rewarding.

Jen said...

I too enjoy our carpooling, it's lonely on days we go it alone!

Making compromises can be hard but when you really care about someone it is a little easier!

Oh an your count down thingy for Twilight stresses me out I only have that much to time to finish the book!!