Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Secret Life of Bees

As promised I wanted to tell y'all about the movie. I love going to the movies. I enjoy all sorts of movies. Today I went to watch The Secret Life of Bees. I do enjoy the occasional chick flick as long as it's not too sappy. But I most enjoy chick flicks with a message. Today's movie touched my heart. I can't say often that I see a movie that knocks the wind out of you, but this was definitely one. In ways that I can not really voice I connected with this movie. And the message I got from the movie was to live life to the fullest. Never let past experiences, pride, or fear get in the way of life and love. I have to say that for many reasons I related to many characters. So I strongly suggest that all of you go see this movie. But don't forget to bring your kleenex. I'm so glad I passed on mascara today.


Go Blue said...

I have not seen the movie, but I tell my students everyday that you need to live life to the fullest. It is such an important message!

Amy said...

I really want to see this movie. I may have to wait until it comes out on D.V.D. though.