Sunday, November 16, 2008

Extra Family Night

This week we will have an extra family night. We are celebrating my niece's birthday from last Sunday and my brother's birthday today. Usually family night is on Wednesday nights. My sister and nephews come have dinner and have nice conversation. My niece and her boyfriend and nephew also come if she doesn't have to work. My other sister comes once in a while with her husband and my niece when she doesn't work. I don't exactly have a big house so it can get crowded. And we are a loud family too so the noise is VERY loud. But in the end, I remember that this is exactly why I moved back home. Family is so important and I love to hang out with them.


Amy said...

I wish I lived close to my family. That is why I can not wait for Christmas to see them.

Patty said...

I find it strange that I lived away from home for 9 years. I didn't really start getting homesick until the last two years. My nieces and nephews were getting older and I was missing all the little things. I yet to regret my decision to come back. Although I miss San Antonio often.