Friday, November 21, 2008

Dad, I didn't even put on any make-up

Today I took a..."sick day". Actually I do have a sore throat but I'm not that sick. Anyway, since I was taking an "I love vampires" day off I figured I would get my registration sticker renewed. Last year my dad took me on the military base to do. He is a civilian that works on base so he has access. I remember clearly that when I took a half day from school to go last year that I was sick. I suffer from migraines and I had one that day. Even though I was so sick I still managed to check out the hottie military men. So this year when I was planning to go on base for my sticker I knew I wanted to look presentable.
This morning he asked if we could go to the one off base because he had to run to the bank before and the bank is right by the county office. Sooo...I dressed way down and didn't even wear make-up. Then when we are about to leave my dad pulls the switch-a-roo. To my horror he wants to go to the one on base after all. So I point out that I didn't even wear make-up and I dressed too comfortable. In the end I decided to just go with the flow and go as I was.
FYI: military men are so HOT!!! Even an average looking guy is hotter in a uniform. I did indeed get my registration sticker and saw a handful of hotties all in a 30 minutes span. That's right! It took only 3o minutes to drive there get my sticker and drive back home.

Yay dad, yay military men, yay registration sticker!!!


Amy said...

You are way too funny.

I have to say even though I am married there is something about a man in a uniform.

Hey if a man does not like you the way are then he should not be looking. I bet all of those men enjoyed seeing you also.

Patty said...

Aw thanks Amy. It's true though, because I definitely don't wear make-up to bed or wake up with make-up. Ha, ha I just rhymed...